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Got running water in my off grid trailer



I finally got running water in my off grid camper. It may be something you never think about and take for granted on a daily basis, but go without it for a while and you really learn to appreciate the nice comforts of modern living.

The trailer has a 40 gallon fresh water storage tank and a 12 volt water pump. You can turn the pump on and off with a switch over the kitchen sink. Turning the pump on for one minute pressurizes the lines enough for for a while, if you are sparing with your water usage.

I have a spare camper water tank and tossed it on the back of a lawn mower trailer (I know, I cheated). It was too heavy to carry by hand. But anyway, being off the grid does not need to mean living like cave men. I will one day convert a gas engine to run on home brew alcohol.

Anyway, I filled up the spare tank and ran the water into my trailer tank. Turned on the pump and I have fresh, running water. Now that I know it works, I will start working on the rain water collection system. That will simply be two 55 gallon drums buried in the ground at the base of a hill. A lot of water runs down that hill when it rains and pools at the base of it. A screen will filter out any junk and then another fine filter will keep out the smaller particles. Another 12 volt pump will bring the water to the trailer storage tank.

To have running water is so nice after being so long without.

The next project will be to make a solar hot water heater. The original 120 volt hot water heater is still in the trailer. Useless for now with solar power. But I will use it for a solar hot water heating system for showers and washing.

See the video here: Got running water in my off grid trailer

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