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The Best Survival Fire Starters – Cheap And Simple

Here are two survival fire starting methods that require no work or effort and together can provide a lifetime of fires. There are many tools, ideas and techniques out there that claim to help you start a fire. But some of them are too expensive. Some are too fragile. And some are just too much work. If you are ever caught in a survival situation, be sure to take these two items with you.

No rubbing sticks together for me. I will never be sitting around in the cold with blisters on my hands while trying to make a fire.

On a sunny day, use a magnifying glass to start a fire. Even the cheapest dollar store childs toy will start a fire. Simply hold the glass over your tinder and direct it into the sun. Concentrate the focal point on the tinder while gently blowing on the smoking point. Within seconds, you will have a nice roaring fire going.

Keep your magnifying glass in its original case, if it came with one. Or keep it wrapped in a soft cloth or material to prevent scratches. Project it from being broken in your backpack or survival kit. Keep it clean and free of sand and grit when not in use and it will last a lifetime.

A magnifying glass can even work on partly sunny or cloudy days. It depends on the strength of the sun and the magnifying glass and tinder quality.

On rainy days, use a cheap cigarette lighter. Yes, a cigarette lighter for survival. Forget about one time use expensive water proof matches. A single cigarette lighter can light between 2,000 and 3,000 fires before the fluid runs out. That equals about 6 – 9 years of rainy days folks. If you use your one, single cigarette lighter for rainy days only and your magnifying glass for sunny days, you have a lifetime of fire for two bucks. The dollar store often sells cigarette lighters in 6 or 8 packs. That equals multiple lifetimes of fire, if used sparingly.

You often find lighters laying by the roadside or lost along forest trails. I always pick them up. You can repair lighters and keep them going for many years. Often either they run out of fuel, (it takes years), or the flint gets damaged or broken. Sometimes just the wheel comes loose from its mountings. No matter the case, you can usually make a good lighter out of two bad ones.

If a lighter gets wet, simply take the top apart and dry off the flint and the striker. Put it all back together again and it works.

After your lighter runs out of fuel, keep it for fire starting. The flint and striker will still ignite fires. No bruised, bloody knuckles while trying to smash two rocks together in the hope that a spark will fly.

I highly recommend adding these two survival fire starters to your survival kit right away. It may save your life.

Or you can rub sticks together for hours if you get bored.

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