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Preparing “Animal Feed” Bulk Grain For Long Term Food Storage

Animal feed grain, as long as it is pure, plain grain, can be perfect for low cost long term food storage. If stored properly, whole grain can last for 30 years or longer and retain its full freshness. Whole grain “animal feed” can be a perfect low cost survival food. Often, “feed grain” is fine for human consumption if it is just pure, whole grain.

No matter whether you are stocking up on food for long term survival or putting away for disaster preparedness, an affordable source of whole grains is an important addition to your larder. Whole grains store much better than processed or crushed grain. Most of the grain you can find in the grocery store has been processed to some degree. Once the grain kernel has been broken open, the grain starts to loose its freshness. Processed wheat flour will not last more than a year or two, at best. Whole grain wheat, on the other hand, can last hundreds of years if stored carefully.

You can find free food grade plastic buckets at your local ice cream shops or restaurants. These make perfect long term storage containers for your whole grain. They are food grade, so there is no problem with leaching chemicals into your food. And they can be sealed to keep out rodents, insects and dirt. They are also somewhat moisture proof as well.

You can visit your local animal feed suppliers and find pure corn, wheat or oats for about $10 for a 50 lb bag, about a tenth of the price if you bought grain at the grocery store. Look up the company online and visit their website for information about their grain. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then call them and ask. Make sure there are no additives such as medicine, vitamins or preservatives and you will have a great source of grain for human consumption.

The DIY World has put together a video about purchasing and storage of whole grain animal feed for survival food.

You can watch the video here:

Preparing animal feed for long term survival food storage

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