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Survival Gruel – Eating Your Survival Grains and Stock

I was thinking about how to use all those grains, legumes, rice and other dried survival foods I have put away with minimal cooking and preparation time. And it should be enjoyable to eat, plus fill you up nicely. And it should not leave the body starving for any necessary nutrients.


You do not want to end up in a survival situation and not know how to prepare meals with all that food you put away. Not to mention that the food you make should taste good or you will die of hunger surrounded by food. People can get bored of their food and simply loose interest in eating.


I got out my hand crank grinder and dropped in some kidney beans, chick peas, brown rice, whole corn and whole oats and made a fine flour with them all. I had about 1.5 cups of flour when I was done. Then I put it all into a pot and boiled some water on the side. After the water was boiling hot, I poured it slowly into the pot with the flour and mixed it up well. It took just over 2 cups of water before I had the right consistency. I wanted a grits or porridge type consistency.


Then I added some cold pressed oil for the necessary fats we need in our diet. For flavor I simply added some honey.


It turned out quite well. It was just like a bowl of grits from the store. The beans added a noticeable flavor to it though. But it was good.


The grains added valuable vitamins and nutrients. Beans add some protein. Oil gives it the needed fat. And honey provides some more vitamins, enzymes and sugar for energy.


The meal was very filling and kept me full for many hours afterward.


Preparation time was maybe ten to twenty minutes with the grinding included.


All in all, a good experiment.

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