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The Value Of Trade Items In A Survival Situation

You hear a lot of talk about saving up for an emergency, holocaust, natural disaster or all out war. Many people believe some sort of disaster is coming. The beliefs vary from nuclear war to hurricanes or earthquake, or a complete economic collapse. Whatever the cause, you should be prepared for any possibility in order to keep you, your family and friends alive in a survival situation. People say you should stock up on gold, silver and the dollar. Many people are putting their whole live savings into heavy metals for survival times.


But, think about it a minute. What value will gold or silver have after a complete economic and social breakdown? Can you eat it? Can you build something with it? Will it keep you warm? And with gold currently going for over $1,600 per ounce, who can afford to stockpile it? Not to mention that if you want to trade in gold, you will need to have a precision scale handy with you at all times to weigh tiny little bits of it.


The dollar keeps losing its value with the continuous growth of inflation. If the economy collapses, paper money will have no value at all. Just look back at the great depression where in Germany they used wheelbarrows full of money just to buy a loaf of bread. People who are hoarding money will be in for a shocking surprise when they wake up one day to find it has no value.


Look back at history and see what items have real trade value. In the past, people have used shells, cocao, salt, paper money, coins, gold or silver. There are many other items that have been used for trade in the past, the list goes on. But two important items that remain of value for trade even today all around the world are goods and services.


Back as early as about 80 years ago people paid their local doctor with a chicken, eggs or vegetables. Whatever they had on hand to pay the bill, they brought in. People traded goods and services. These items will never lose value.


So, what should you really stock up on for survival times?


Toilet paper, coffee and bullets. Lots of them.


One single bullet can feed a family for weeks at a time. Take down an animal and you are set for a while. Bullets will be needed for food and protection. Back in the wild west, every man, woman and child could shoot a gun. It was born out of necessity for survival. You could protect your family, farm and animals from wild predators. You could provide a meal for your family. Bullets are a valuable resource for survival times. Or, if you are anti gun, get a bow. Get arrows. Get lots of arrows. Get spare string for your bow and parts to repair or make your own arrows. But you should have some sort of defense. After an economic collapse or disaster, the population will be diminished. Wild animals will once again roam the land and increase. Gun haters will be wishing they had a nice rifle when they cannot leave their home due to a wild cougar on the front porch.


Our society is addicted to coffee. Enter any restaurant, gas station or convenience store and you will find fresh coffee brewing at all times of the day or night. It has become part of our daily lives. Coffee will be valuable as a trade item after a complete social collapse. After a three day hike in the woods, any coffee lover will run straight to the nearest cafe for a good old cup of coffee. Most take it with them on the trip. Even the military provides a pack of instant coffee with every single MRE meal. They know the value and importance of coffee on the morale of its soldiers.


Toilet paper needs no explanation. Imagine life without it. Get tons of it. It will become a valuable trade resource later on. Or, you could always use all those dollars you stockpiled.

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