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Mainstay 3600 Emergency Survival Rations – Review

I recently tried the Mainstay 3600 Emergency Food Rations just to get an idea what it tastes like and how satisfying it is. It is not a good idea to suddenly need survival rations and then start to experiment with your taste buds. Food should taste good as well as providing all the necessary nutrients and calories. And you need to feel full afterwards.



So I ordered a package and cracked it open. The package holds 9 small cubes, providing 400 calories each. The label claims that you can eat two per day for marine based living or three for land based. I guess they figure you will use more energy on land.


I waited for a day when I had not eaten for many hours. I was very hungry. I wanted to see how satisfying these survival rations will be on my hunger.


The emergency food rations look like a cubed cookie. And they have the same texture as a semi soft cookie. They are surprisingly easy to bite into. The taste is pleasant, lemony and sweet with a hint of butter. They are not overpoweringly sweet either.


The survival rations have a sort of a fine grainy feel on the tongue. But they are not bad at all. Sort of like a cross between cookies or cake. It is like having dessert for dinner. I also did not have anything to drink for about an hour afterwards, because they claim to be non thirst provoking and I wanted to test this. They do live up to their claim. You can eat these without the need to drink water with them. In a survival situation, that can be very important when water supplies are scarce.


I was afraid that one, small bar could not possibly satisfy me for hours. It just looks too small. But the emergency bar is satisfying and kept me filled up for a few hours.


A few days later I tried one of these survival rations with some fruit and that kept me going half the day.


The final result is that these do taste good and will keep you alive in an emergency situation.


I would suggest keeping a case or more of these around for emergency situations along with some canned fruit to provide all the nutrition you would need to get you through. With a shelf life of 5 years and a very affordable price, these are a great item to keep in your survival larder. A full month supply of food will only cost you about $70. I cannot come near to that price when cooking for myself on a normal daily basis. These are also great to keep in the car in the winter for emergency purposes. If you get stuck on the road somewhere during a storm, these can give you the energy to keep going.


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