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Greenhouse Thermosyphon Wood Stove Heating System Working

I finished the off grid greenhouse wood stove thermosyphon water heating system and did a test run to make sure everything works well. Melanie is inside working on our recycled pallet wood products for sale.


I have built a water boiler heating system using an antique Sears Roebuck water boiling wood stove and two 55 gallon steel barrels full of water. The wood stove heats up the water which flows through the water filled barrels using the thermosyphon effect. There are no moving parts and nothing to wear out. No outside energy is needed to pump the water through the system.



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After assembling the entire system I wanted to do a test burn to make sure that the water will pump through properly.




Chris brought over his little HF generator and we used my sump pump in a five gallon bucket to get the water from the greenhouse rain water collection tank into the heater tanks. The sump pump will not fit into the top of this water tank so we had to improvise using a five gallon bucket. By turning the valve on the tank open we could regulate the flow of water into the bucket to match the flow of the sump pump. A garden hose carried the water around the back side of the greenhouse and inside to the 55 gallon drums.


I filled up one of the barrels for now. I want to make sure there are no leaks in the system and that the thermosyphon works well enough before I go ahead and fill both barrels.


I then fired up the wood stove and soon the water was happily gurgling through the system on its own. The water was literally pumping itself with no outside source of power. The thermosyphon works nicely.


I do have a leak on the top fitting of the upper barrel. I expected to have a problem here though because the fitting was too loose and the glue could not fill the gaps well enough.


But my off grid greenhouse wood stove thermosyphon heating system is working nicely. The two barrels will help keep the greenhouse warm at night after the wood stove fire goes out. They will act as a thermal mass and radiate heat all night into the greenhouse.


We hope to be able to grow vegetables all winter long for our family this year in our off grid winter greenhouse.


Inside the off grid tiny house on wheels Melanie has been using the power of the sun to burn artwork into recycled pallet wood products. We are making coffee coasters for sale right now. Melanie is using a wood burner powered by our solar power system to burn beautiful art into the coffee coasters to prepare them for sale in our new store.


You can find the recycled pallet wood coffee coasters and more here: Recycled Pallet


We received a package in the mail. This was a very large and heavy package. The box said Power Bright so I had an idea what was inside. Someone sent us a brand new 3,500 Watt power inverter. Our old PowerBright inverter had failed on us during our trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving. Since then we have had to use a generator to power the freezer because our other little power inverter was too small for it. We do not know who sent this but Thank You!!


You can watch the video of todays work here: Greenhouse Thermosiphon Wood Boiler Heating Working & More


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