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Snow Covered Off Grid Homestead As Winter Sets In

We got up to find a beautiful and snowy homestead. We had four inches of snow fall on us during the night, covering the land in white. The solar panels were also covered so I had to sweep them off.


By the way, the solar panels are currently laying flat because the wind out here at this time of year is very strong and the solar panels can fly away like a frisbee. Ask me how I know.



Solar Panels In Snow

Our off grid tiny house on wheels is powered by solar panels so the first thing I do after a snow fall is to sweep off the solar panels. Then I check the solar power coming into the off grid battery bank and see what is coming into the tiny house. Generally there is not much power at all in the early hours of the morning but with snow on the ground we get a little bit of extra power. Every little bit helps during the shorter winter days.


The cold temperatures also help improve the solar panel efficiency. Colder panels produce more power than hot panels. So during the winter you have some bonuses as well as losses due to lack of sunlight.




I worked most of the day on my websites. I get a fair share of my income from working on websites. I am moving all of my blog posts to the ariticle pages. The Wordpress blog sites are prone to being hacked quite often and I am tired of repairing my software all the time rather than doing more productive tasks. I am going to streamline my websites and make them more efficient. This will tighten up any holes and also make the experience better for my viewers.


The article site is nice, clean and pretty solid. It is also very simple software so it is easy to modify and maintain. This also meanns that it loads and runs faster.


I will be removing all of my over 300 blog posts and moving them permanently to the article site. This is taking a lot of time though because the blog software has been damaged and is not working properly. I have to redo all the formatting as I work. This takes a lot of time per article. But in the end it will be worth it for us all.


I was going to make some coffee coaster blanks for Melanie but ended up just working on the websites all day.


After dark it was quite beautiful outside and very bright with all the snow on the ground. You could literally see every detail without the need of a flashlight. Sadly the camera could not do it justice. But you could see the clear blue sky and a cloud passing by. This is amazing.


You can see today's video here:  Frozen Homestead As Winter Approaches In Force


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