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Bedini Simplified School Girl Radiant Energy Generator - Water Splitter

July 25th, 2011


I have been working with my Bedini motors and water to attempt to provide useful fuel for home heating and to power a car or small engine.



In theory, if the Bedini motor or any other radiant energy generator can be used to charge capacitors, then they should be able to "charge" a water capacitor. My experiments are pproving that theory correct. I have been connecting the Bedini SSG motor outputs to various sized water capacitors in order to split water into hydrogen and oxygen with very little energy input.



So far though, there is not enough gas output to be useful for anything, but the experiments are still in the early stages. I have found that when using stainless steel wall cover plates, more is not better. In brute force hydroxy production, 7 plates are the best with a vehicles' 12 volt power supply. But with the Bidini SSG, it seems like a single cell with only 2 plates produce the best output. When I add more plates, only the outside two plates produce any noticable gas output. The other plates are just extra weight.


Another interesting discovery is that more water cells do not add up to more gas output. With the SSG, you can charge multiple batteries at once, all in parallel off a single output. With my SSG, the gas output is divided among the water capacitors. When I try various sized water capacitors in parallel, the SSG tunes itself to a single one and mostly ignores the rest of them.


So, it seems like the best option is to upgrade the Bedini SSG for more power output in order to get more gas output.


Future experiments will include tubes and larger plates in the water splitters.

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