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World Famous Simple Granola Cookie Recipe

This is my now World famous simple survival cookie recipe. I used to make these cookies for survival and camping trips but one time after sharing with friends they became so popular that I had to make them all the time. This is a very simple and easy recipe using few ingredients.


When I finished my military stay in Germany I remained for quite a few years. The scenery was beautiful and I could travel to other countries by car with ease. I was a prepper back then as well. I believe in being prepared for emergencies and disasters. I always had a bug out bag on hand and kept food stocked up.


My survival cookie recipe came from an idea I had to use up some granola. I found a very cheap place for granola and wanted to use it for something. I thought of granola bars and began to experiment. Since I love survival, camping and hiking, homemade granola bars would be good to have on hand.


But granola bars require a bit more work to make so I ended up with survival granola cookies. The original cookies were a bit more dry and were left out long term to fully dry out and be put away for emergency.


During a survival training hike with a bunch of friends I shared my granola cookies and they became a hit. After that I was always asked to make more of my granola cookies.





Here is my simple granola cookie recipe


Ingredients List:


Two 12 oz packages of granola (your choice)

3 cups flour

1/2 cup oil or butter

2 eggs

1/2 tsp baking powder

3 - 6 tbsp sugar or honey (sweeten to your preference)

Milk or water - add until sticky



Prepare Ingredients:


Pour in the two packages of granola. If using sugar, add to the bowl at this time. Add the flour and baking powder and mix well.


Next pour in the liquid ingredients. Add in the oil or butter and eggs first and mix up well. If using honey, then add to the mix at this time. Now you can slowly pour in a little bit of milk or water and mix until the dough becomes sticky and thick. Work slowly and give it time for the granola to absorb the liquids. After adding a little bit of milk or water, mix it in well and then wait a few minutes for the granola to absorb more.


The idea is to get the granola wet enough for everything to stick together. But you do not want it to be soggy. Just very sticky.


When the dough is sticky enough to form a ball and retain its shape you are ready to make cookies.



Forming Cookies:


My wife Melanie taught me something cool today. She showed me how to use two spoons to form cookie balls and then place on the cookie sheets. This keeps your fingers all nice and clean.


So lay out some cookie sheets. We used baking paper on top to prevent sticking. Then take two spoons, one in each hand. Grab a bit of cookie dough with one spoon and using the other spoon, transfer the dough back and forth to make a ball.



Place the ball of dough on your cookie sheet and gently press down to flatten a bit.


Continue until all the dough is used up. Our reciple made about 3 dozen cookies. You can double or half the recipe as needed.


Baking Cookies:


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and then place your cookie sheets into the oven for about 8 to 12 minutes. Ovens vary and cooking time may vary so keep an eye on your cookies while they bake. You want just a touch of golden brown on the edges to show that the cookies are done baking.


When you see the edges starting to turn color then you can pull the cookes out of the oven. You may also check the center with a tooth pick to make sure the cookies are baked all the way through.


Now set them aside to cook down.





As I said above, these cookies were originally intended to last a while. For this recipe today I made them a bit more moist. You may want to experiment with the liquids for a more moist cookie but it is up to your taste. You may also want to increase the sugar or honey quantity to taste. I dont like too much sugar. But remember that the granola has natural (or added) sugars as well.


Now pull out a glass of milk or coffee, sit back and enjoy your cookies.


Be warned - sharing these cookies may cause people to ask you to bake them all the time.


You can watch the video I made while baking these cookies on YouTube here:

Making My Famous Simple Survival Granola Cookies


My wife Melanie and I had fun making them. Be sure to check out the video. While you are over there please subscribe to my channel and watch our daily videos as we strive to become self sufficient and off the grid on a budget. We are currently in an off grid tiny house on wheels that we are building with all recycled materials.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoy.

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