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The Do It Yourself World started out as a research company, under a different name. We were involved in looking for alternate energies and unique construction techniques.

Since then, the Do It Yourself World has started to evolve into a grouping of projects meant to help people save money in their day to day lives, while helping reduce the carbon footprint.

Most of the projects shown on this site are offered absolutely free, while a few may also be purchased for those who are not so mechanically inclined or just dont have the time to do it themselves. See Our Products for a list.

See The DIY Pages for a list of DIY projects.

Our company is in the relatively new field of alternate energy research. We are looking for better ways to produce the energy we need for our daily needs.

Take, for example, our battery rejuvenator. When we found this device, we knew that it would help save on waste and pollution by re-using old lead acid batteries instead of disposing of them. With the rejuvenator, you are now able to use a battery way beyond its normal expected life time.

We are currently in the process of testing a way to efficiently split hydrogen from water to be used with the fuel in your car to reduce pollution and increase gas mileage with little or no modification to your engine. Follow the progress on our Blog.

We will be adding 'do it yourself' projects and plans for more energy saving and producing ideas.

One of our projects, for example, is the table fan wind generator. This is a simple, very inexpensive project that you can make in an hour with tools you have laying around the house.

We are constantly experimenting with energy ideas, self sufficient living and natural foods. So check back with us often.

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