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Terms And Conditions For Uploading A Project

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The DIY World is now welcoming uploads from our guests. If you have a cool project that you would like to share with the world, please send it to us. Here is how:

Article Body

To submit projects for inclusion on The Do It Yourself World website, first Register Here for an author account.

After creating an author account and logging in, take a look at the "Author Navigation" menu on the left sidebar. To submit a new article for inclusion into The Do It Yourself World, click on "Submit An Article" on the author menu.

When writing your article, try to use clear, proper English and grammer. Be as detailed and specific in your descriptions as possible.

You can either use the WYSIWYG editor on the article submission page or you can write your article with HTML formatting. Do not include links to other websites, or your article will be deleted.

Submitted articles are moderated and must be approved before they appear to the public. You can view your article yourself and make corrections at any time.

Spam articles and advertising for other websites and companies will be promptly deleted.


To include a photo or image in your document, click on the photo upload icon on the top right of the editor panel.

Photos should be between 600 to 1000 pixels and in JPG or GIF format. Include clear, good quality photos. Fuzzy our out of focus photos will be rejected.

Please feel free to upload a project covering any subject you want. We have room to grow and will be happy to include any good idea.

If we do not have the correct category for your article, please send a message to info at telling us what category you would like to have included. In the mean time, you may submit your article and choose the next best category. When we receive your email, we will change your category after including it in our directory.


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Feel free to ask any questions or get help with your project on The Do It Yourself World Support Forum.

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