Game Cameras - for game and security

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Game Cameras - for game and security

Post by JimW » Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:10 pm

Since the game camera's Troy had have gone dead I thought we might discuss what game cameras he might look at to replace the old ones.
One suggestion I have is that he get "stealth" cameras, also called "no glow". I have 3 cameras by Primos, but they are low budget cameras that work well enough for my purposes, but not as secutiry cameras. Mine light up the red LED's at night when they detect motion. Many times you can see wild animals looking at the glowing light. Or you can walk in front of the camera and see them come on. That is not what is needed for a security camera. I have no experience with the stealth cameras, so if any of you do have some experience with them, please give your opinion and maybe a link to the camera (Amazon seems to carry a lot of game cams).
Remember, Troy is also on a limited budget, so he can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on security cameras. Keeping it in the $200 range may help him, and if needed we can donate 5 or 10 dollars each for the purchase of a new game cam.

The camera's I have are all Primos. I have two Truth Camera 35 Ultra's, one has a 40 foot night range and the other has a 60 foot range. Strangely enough, both cost about the same!
The other is a Primos Work Horse. It also has a 40 foot night range. Not enough for a security camera.
All three camera's have been out in the weather for several months with no problems (other than fogging on the surface of the lens).
The 60 foot range is the absolute minimum I would recommend for security purposes.

What are your thoughts/suggestions?

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Re: Game Cameras - for game and security

Post by techman » Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:58 pm

Thanks for sharing you info. I have some cheaper security IP cameras which have that red glow too. You can clearly see them in the night. I hope to rebuild my server software this winter and get those cameras back online.

The game cameras I had did not have that night glow though. But Tasco said that these game cameras are not waterproof, which I think makes no sense at all to have an outdoor camera which is not waterproof.

I am looking on ebay for ideas.

I had the cheap Harbor Freight set for $69 but they did not have any night vision at all. They failed totally on me at night. I took them back.

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