Jeep specific repair suggestions

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Jeep specific repair suggestions

Post by Jeepfan1999 » Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:54 am

Hi Troy and the rest of the off grid community. I've been watching the YouTube videos for quite some time. I have been very interested in the jeep videos recently and thought that you might be interested in having some advice on how to repair/modify your jeep as you come across the issues that they have.

#1. When replacing or changing a tire place the jack under the axle closest to the tire you wish to change. ( do not jack from the body ) also never drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle with different size tires you will damage the transfer case unless you remove the front drive shaft. ( for vehicles without drive hubs )

#2. This particular body style jeep ( 2 door ) is notorious for hinge problems so be aware the the doors may fail at some point.

#3. Based on what could be seen in the video showing the damage to the hitch I believe that you do have damage to the substructure that may not be repairable without professional tools/equipment.

This post was not to rag or troll on skills or Troy's abilities I don't want to see this jeep damaged any more than it already is I only want to see the success for Troy's channel and if I can help I want to.

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Re: Jeep specific repair suggestions

Post by techman » Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:31 pm

Thanks for the tips.

I thought jacking under the axle did not look safe because it is rounded and could slip off easier. That was the reason for my decision. But, I will look into it next time.

I plan to use 1/8 inch metal strips to reinforce the frame where the trailer hitch was bent into the frame.

All the tires are the same size. I guess the new ones just look larger. Anyway, I am putting all the same new tires on it before I drive again.

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