No Trespassing, Private Property?

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No Trespassing, Private Property?

Post by Silver » Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:53 pm

8-) Has any 1 put up Signs @ their home:

- No Trespassing, Private Property
- That means You! Turn back now!
- Violators will be Prosecuted
- These Premises are protected by a Master Ninja Assassin . .
- Warning You are being recorded
- No Solicitors (Soliciting)

Solicitors come to my friends home 1-3 x / month.
They step on his grass, even tho theres a cement walk way available. But strangers love to take the short cut . .

Pluck seeds/leaves/branches off her trees.
Ring & knock on the door repeatedly,
bothering the residents, some times after dark, 9:45 pm.
Her parents are elderly & live there & retire very early in the Evening.

I guess she should get a dog to patrol the grounds!

She should also put the signs up so its not easy to steal.
The Home Owners Assc, dosnt allow a fence to b built in
the front yard . . :(

This is Calif usa btw :geek:

Plz respond with your Suggestions :roll:

Ryan Romero
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Re: No Trespassing, Private Property?

Post by Ryan Romero » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:26 am

Tricky subject, depending on very local codes. But here is some unknown Facts about this. 1. if you post a sign and see someone trespass you MUST call the cops and prove it. After so many times you can force them away with a restraining order. But lets say you do NOT call the cops, so no records. And they do this 364 days a year, by you not calling the cops they have EARNED the right to pass on your property. Yes the law is tricky but with no reports they can get away with it. That is how squatters get away with taking houses sometimes (Squatter is a person who breaks in another persons home and occupy it) by way of occupying the home, the in essence own it and the cops CAN NOT remove them as it is legal. You see this on the news now and then when military personal go overseas for a year or so. But in general this trespass law is everywhere, take photo or video : as long as you video or photo on your own property its legal, if you video on public roads it is not always legal. Always read local laws for photo and video before doing so, including the trespassing laws. They maybe additional laws in your area.

Good Luck to you and God Bless,

Ryan Romero,

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Ryan Romero,

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