Wildlife protection - Fence energizer [Non-lethal fence]

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Re: Wildlife protection - Fence energizer [Non-lethal fence]

Post by Dodger5231 » Thu May 23, 2013 1:26 am

I have two solar fences setup on my place, and use a third as a temporary fence when I travel with the horses. They can be kind of pricey, if you have a large run, but they work well for horses. On my two permanent fences I seem to have to replace the batteries every 18 months or so, but I am in an area where we can go two weeks without sunshine in the winter months and that may just be too hard on them. I have also had problems with the control boards on one of the more popular brands. With your setup you might think about just running a 12 volt fence controller off your battery bank instead of using the all in one set up. The fences themselves use very little power, and I think you would only need to have it on at night. I am not sure how you would set up the lines, I run a single line about three feet off the ground for the horses, but most smaller critters could go under that. I have seen deer jump over mine, and I am pretty sure it doesn't have enough juice to stop a bear, so you would have to figure that part out.

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