Water Pump 50 Psi 12 vdc

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Water Pump 50 Psi 12 vdc

Post by Solar98632 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:18 am

Just got a Water pump for well you know just in case kind of thing .
And,to water our vegies.

I guess I am turning I to a prepper..Didn't I tend to but..hey what can you say?
My city lost power just this month from a nasty storm and I do mean nasty.

When I means nasty this was no typical "blow bye ".
This was in your face , branch cracking, trees being pushed over or broken ,lines going down, it was best to stay home or run the risk of getting you or your car implied by a branch coming down kind of storm.

I say our city because we had power.
I don't know what posses a school to send out calls knowing there is a power outage.
Most modems do.jot have a batter in them especially from comcast.

I am not going in service battles...The point how ever is...How on earth are phone messages going to out when there is not power?
At any rate the call came.after our son got home.
It was around 10 50 am when it was sent.
At any rate, we were able to.some cooking ..in doors....not so.fun trying to grill when nature's trying to deliver you.fire wood.via wind delivery services. .they often miss thier mark ..or aim for you.

We have a George Forman grill...made perfect salmon..which were able to keep.frozen for 4 hours that the power was out and.in some area it was out 7 additional hours.

I am thankful I chose to prepare.
We have a generator and now..I purchased a 50 psi pump. And a filter as well.
I hope to use it for a rain catch system.

And wonder ingredients brita or some one makes a filter system that we can use for drinking.

Seeing how it is coming off the roof.
Yes I know about all the creepy stuff that lives on the roof...and i am fairly certain even 4 months of straight rain still hasn't made it perfectly clean lol.

At any rate need an idea on a water solution for drinking...one that doesn't require running to the store.or....making me run to the rest room.

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Re: Water Pump 50 Psi 12 vdc

Post by gadgett840 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:52 pm

hi im new, good line of thinking im the same way. the is pills that you can put in the water to purify the little critters in the water. I don't really trust filters for the little critters only the dirt and stuff like that. in most emergencies the hydro is at a minimum and shouldn't be wasted on electric type purification systems. the armies use these pills, need I say more.

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