Fuel For Your Generator

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Fuel For Your Generator

Post by Solar98632 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:34 pm

Situation: Severw Storm Kills power for up to 5 days.
what you have:
Food ( Refriderated)
A car that has a blown engine That jas a full tank of gass (15 gallons)
A 12 volt power source
A Generator ( between 600 to 2,000watts)
some tubing about 6feet in lenghth
Out of gas for the generator .
What now?

Do nt execute this unless you know exactly how do do it safely.
it can and will kill you dead by explosive discharge.. Keep satatic electricity in mind
keep dfuel residual pressure in mind.

Here is what you can do.
seeing how that car is a heap and not going any where accept to the junk yard.
Find its fuel filter. get you safety glasses as there will be pressure in the lines.
Get some rubber gloves , and grab pruning sheeres or scisors or an old knife you desire to sacrifice.

once you have located the fuel pump follw the lout folw line going to the engine. (it will be marked plain as day) Probably hidden under a cover to protect the line it will be a fexible hose very thick in diamter and reinforced with steel threading.

Take your cutting tool an slowly cut into the line. and i do mean slowly an be ready for a burst of gass that WILL SHOOT OUT for a breif second . by the way, did you ground the car? if you did then you are a good person, if not.. well...you got some learning to do bro.

after getting a brief shower, and hoping that you did not have a lit ciggerette ..
take some of the flexible hose you hsve and jam it in to the fule line coming from the feul filter.And jam it in deep.

Now run the hose from the car to the gas canister.
and now turn on your key of your car to the on position and fill the tank to your desired level of full fillment just do not over flow. And never leave the pumping unatteneded. waste of fuel not good.

Now fill your mixing container with your car's gas.

now if the battery in you car is dead.you do have an issue ..
then you will have to get creative and probably a tad messy.

Now if the battery is a good battery, then you care has a sfety that needs to be bypassed and you will need to activate th pump its self using the battery.

this is where you need to know where the tank is at.
look where the tank is at and start removing the seats unless they fold over. then you are in luck.

find the pumps two wires. and all cars have there hots marked differently to confuse you..
once you find the positive lead and making sure your door is closed cut the leads..

take your jumpers and connect pos to the pos on the pump and the negative to the neg..on the battery. you will hear it start. leave it on for 10 seconds then dc and check you cannister. if you have gas then procede untill full. if not then you have leads backwards. reverse leads and try again.

it will take about 2 minutes to fill a two Gallon container..
now m
ix fuel according to the recomened mixture , start your geni and enjoy your power .

reppeat feuling cycle as needed untill car is drained a full tank of gass in your car should last you between 4 to 5 days.also keep an eye on that car battery.keep it charged and healthy.

and remember stay safe .
This is Dangerouse. but if done right, you will be able to have fun with your new sevice station.
maybe you should drop that tank and have a friend run. you in to town and fill it and use it as an emergencey feuling station..
a pumping station is very nice to have. and it is allready assembled.

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Re: Fuel For Your Generator

Post by techman » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:52 pm

Well that is certainly one way to get the job done.

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