Anything off grid. Energy, waste management, water supply, housing, whatever.
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Post by Solar98632 » Fri May 15, 2015 8:39 am

I have taken a lot of time to think on this before speaking.
I think as peppers we have an error in one thing.
I do not men to insult in any way shape or form our ways of propping by any means and I do believe in prepping. For many contingencies .

A few peppers have built them selves " coffins" as I call them. They brag about their weapons and security but forgot one thing.

Recycling processes.

Now if we are going to prep we need to do it right.
There is only one way to prep for biological war, and or air contamination from a nuclear disaster.

Ladies and gents,
I believe the only way to truly prepare is to build a Biosphere.
A system that not only recycles waste but a system that also produces water, oxygen and a sustainable way of life by the way of growing food.

Only a biosphere can protect us from everything we can think of save for the sheer anialation of earth its self.

In a biosphere one would be creating oxygen from plant life (so as long as we do not use concrete),we would get food from the plants and the animals hat eat the plants like like chickens.

And then we would recycle the waste we all produce and use in in the way of fertilizer.
Truth of the matter the shelter its self would need to be quite large.

But a biosphere can be hen into type rock of the earth (if you have the money and means to do that) or it can be built under water (if you have the money and means to do that...and would you really want a shark looking at you as you ...sleep?)

And for the biosphere to be powered we would need solar and wind turbines.
You will need to run pumps and so forth.

And toy you have completed about 75 percent of such a task.
You have solar, you have wind (once your turbine is up),you have a composting toilet and you have a water source.

All you now need to do is rid yourself of a few ticks and seal things up.

You are about to venture in to hydroponics

You could presumably build modular. Living quarters sealed, aquaponics in another area,then seal it to your tiny house, then you have your power production at which you could seal in.

In essence if you were to build a large 2.5 million dollar dome over your area you would have a complete enclosed ecosystem and you indeed would be the envy of every prepper. On this planet. You would be selfsustaing in food, atmosphere , and so much more.

Yeah, it is wild thought but could a person truly do this for free?

Biospheres are not easy to maintain and there is a clean and concise reason why concrete is bad. It absorbs oxygen.

So. With out further ado.
Are biospheres out of a peppers grasp?
Could any one build a biosphere that can meet those s challenges?

Am I crazy to even think of such a thing?

I tell this, if I had land of my own, this is what I would build.
Than, I could honest toy say...I would be truly sell reliant tovthe point that i can control the very air my family would be breathing.

A time is coming.when a biosphere maybe the only thing that can save us.
And I don't. Say that as a joke either. When it comesnto earth and its changes some of those changes can be quite "harsh" and it won't necessarily be man's destructive ways that could place us in survival mode. But it can be the nature of our planet. As well.

Well there you have every prepper main weakness.
We failed in building a biosphere.
Its not to late is it?

Now here is one fact that remains
We are sending people to live on mars in the near future.
How will they live?

O2 can't. Just be shipped. Waste can't be wasted and food has to be prepared or humans will perish. about it? Any prepper here with a biosphere?

I know this topic is way out there but think of the biosphere tic as the ultimate prepping.
Any one here open for discussion on that subject ?

For more info on how I got this wismacle idea research biosphere 2.
Back in the 90s i had a chance to talk to some of those researchers.
And it was fascinating..

Unfortunately. Their experiment. Failed because of the use of...concrete.. But, they have corrected that. And now we are preparing to colonize mars ..and that is a new reality and how one will survive on that red planet.

And there talking about drilling for water on mars.
Amd water on mars will be like gold here on earth.

Every biosphere on mars will probably be built on top of a well literally..

At any rate stop AMD think..

Can we do that here on earth?
Why or why not?

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Re: Biosphere

Post by JimW » Fri May 15, 2015 6:51 pm

Not making fun of you, but...
My feeling is "No" not completely independent. Motors, bearings, pumps, filters all wear out. You need an outside source to procure those things that quit working. For a Mars facility, Earth would be able to supply the items it needed. It would be almost impossible to build a bio-dome that would allow you to re-manufacture or repair everything that could wear out or break. Just making one transistor would take an entire facility! Making a new roller bearing for air circulating fans would take another facility. And I don't think you can build a bio-dome without some modern components.

Does this mean we should all give up and enjoy what life we have left? Never worry about possible futures?
No, we instead prepare to the best of our abilities!

If you have the multiple milions of dollars it would take to build such a facility, then go for it! I'll continue trying to learn and collect my few items that may prolong my life or the lives of others.

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Re: Biosphere

Post by techman » Thu May 21, 2015 10:17 am

These are very interesting thoughts and something I have often considered. Actually the larger, rich bunkers are a sort of self contained biosphere.

On the Earth, at least, we can filter the existing air. We can use hand powered or pedal powered pumps to bring in fresh air. Plants can help that a lot. Passive solar windows or a mirror system and tubes can bring light into the home to keep plants alive.

Solar panels, wind power and pedal powered generators can keep LED lighting going and also supplement the light for the plants. In some situations the sky may be fully clouded over making plant life on Earth nearly impossible without supplemental lighting.

Water can be brought up from the ground but may be contaminated. So we would need a long term water filtration system. Recycling the water we use in the biosphere is important as well. Humidity which will collect on the walls needs to be recycled to prevent mold and put it back into use.

Growing food will be the hardest part of all. Limited light will be the greatest challenge.

Another challenge Jim mentioned would be spare parts manufacture. Or at least have the most simple of machines and a huge supply of bearings and parts that wear out. An example would be to have a bike powered generator using treadmill motors and have about 10 or 20 extra on hand. You can get those for free all the time. People give away treadmills around here. Take out the motor and put it away.

If you can scale up a Bedini Motor to power your home then that would solve your power problems. The only moving part is the wheel so you need a life time supply of bearings.

Waste disposal can be done with a composting toilet. The compost would have to age in a separate area but then is good for fertilizer for your food. Fully composted waste is safe. I would mix it into the soil though and not put it on the food directly. Now, this is talking about survival mode not my normal daily life here.

The biosphere would have to be a bit larger in order to contain all these facilities but yes it can be done.

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