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techman, linux, and a second computer.

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:30 am
by jaqiefox
hey. been watching your videos for quite some time now, I love what you are doing and so wish I could join you either in person or in what you do - I will be trying eventually. I am disabled on disability, and used to be a computer tech. I am homeless and living in oregon in a shelter right now, but this is because of technical issues with not having the ID I need to cash checks (I get disability via the debit card system disability offers)...

not writing about that though. Most of my posessions are computers and computer parts, and you would be amazed at how little good powerful computer parts are worth nowadays. I collect x86 computers and computer parts from all eras, and right now I have a 4x6 foot storage place mostly filled with just this, all the way from really old 386s and parts to quad cores to my 8 core 4ghz system (some of the newer things like the cpu was given to me, most were bought used, a few parts bought new)...

I have a quad core computer, small form factor (thin micro atx) which I do not need, and would absolutely love to give you, in exchange for the cost of shipping it. the computer 'box' only, no keyboard, mouse, speakers, or monitor. It is based on a q6600 and has 4GB ram and something like an 80GB hard drive, also has a HD5450 video card in it, so it is all pretty good on power. I believe I have an 80+ power supply in it, which means its pretty power efficient, too.

I can even submit a video of it, and of my storage bay, and such if you want to see it, and of my room and stuff so I can show you what I speak is the truth (you are having lots of problems with nasty people, so I understand being a little leery about someone wanting to give you free stuff like this)... you can find my youtube channel at Jaqie's Gadgets, though all I have on that is some videos of my now paused project to make a raspberry pi based portable gaming system by gutting an original gameboy and putting a raspberry pi tiny computer inside it. I also have been a LONG time member of the forums, you can see me there. If you google my name you will also see some of my past, and my unique spelling makes most of the results mine, for 'jaqie fox'.

Re: techman, linux, and a second computer.

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:21 am
by jaqiefox
Ok hes keeping it private via emails.

Re: techman, linux, and a second computer.

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:39 am
by techman
Yes, sorry about that. I was emailing you the whole time and did not realize you were on here as well.