My "off-grid" playground experiment!

Anything off grid. Energy, waste management, water supply, housing, whatever.
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Re: My "off-grid" playground experiment!

Post by The_Amateur » Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:39 am

Well.. now that all that is gone and stuff is now back to normal, I can resume forum posts! I've been in NY as many subscribed to my channel would know by now and I did some clips of my trip.

Since my return from New York, I've finally gotten a few things done and I'm hoping to get some experiments done, as well. I want to, on probably one of the walls I paneled, try to put non-styrofoam insulation such as rock wool into the wall and see if I get any better of an R value with that. For some reason, I have had a feeling changing the insulation will really help with keeping in/out heat. That will likely be taken care of around the 1st of October or November depending on the cold.

The day after my return, I got some supplies to finally get going on doing stuff with the playground. I kept saying to myself that I wanted to get this thing called DampRid and I finally did. I got these packets and a big bucket looking thing as a refiller for DampRid cups that I didn't purchase at the time. I also got a kill a watt meter to get a more detailed reading on my power usage. I find that it has kept the humidity inside around 10% lower than what it probably would be and since I'm in there not much at all per day, I don't find it necessary to use an electric dehumidifier.

I am now using my old junky tripod inside the playground to record so I don't have as much shaking going on while filming all the time.

I went to Home Depot the day after (the first trip I needed to rush) and finally got plywood to cover my wall that had exposed insulation on it for months. I covered it up and I put the holes for the solar panels' wiring to go through and it looks very clean now. The battery chest also is getting boxed in so to say with plywood now going to be enclosing the structure besides one area I am leaving open for storage and such.

I don't really have too much else to do now than to actually utilize the thing versus only building it and dealing with leaks and I've still got around a year to use the thing! I guess time will tell what comes up next!

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Re: My "off-grid" playground experiment!

Post by techman » Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:24 am

You can certainly do some experiments with you batteries and tell us what you can use on them and for how long. Tell us how long it takes to top off the batteries again.

Consider rainy or cloudy days and run experiments on those days too.

People love those things.

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