How To Get Off The Grid For $5,000 or less

Anything off grid. Energy, waste management, water supply, housing, whatever.
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How To Get Off The Grid For $5,000 or less

Post by techman » Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:51 pm

I am going to show you how to take your current home off the grid for $5,000 or less. No matter if you live in a homestead, rental, cabin, tent or RV, I will show you how to get off the grid.

There will be a new video every week leading you on the path to energy independence.

By the end of the series you will know how to get your own home off the grid on a budget. I will also write the book "How To Get Off The Grid For $5,000" which will be available for sale at that time.

You can watch the first video in the series here:

And you can read the article here: ... p?id=11614

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