Updates And Improvements To DIY Tube Video Community

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Updates And Improvements To DIY Tube Video Community

Post by techman » Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:38 am

Many of you have noticed a lot of things going on with DIY Tube the past two months. We have been making a lot of changes and improvements to our servers and the DIY Tube Video Community software.

First we installed a new firewall and live malware scanner to keep DIY Tube clean and safe in real time. We also added a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which speeds up load time of our website on your computer.

And more recently we upgraded to a new and faster server. The new server is twice the speed of the previous server which improves performance even more.

We are experimenting with our own live chat software which we hope to integrate into the DIY Tube Video Community soon. And we are planning to include a blogging platform soon as well.

Plus we are testing out our new live streaming software which will allow you to live stream videos in real time on DIY Tube.

You can watch the full video on all of these points and more here: https://www.diytube.video/v/8441

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