Setting Up A Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

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Setting Up A Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

Post by techman » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:57 am

I am putting together a fully automated solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm on wheels. I am repairing an old popup camper with hard sides to hold my mobile cryptocurrency mining farm.

The reasons for using a camper instead of using one of the rooms in our home is simple. I have a family and cannot use the rooms in the house for this. Also these computers produce a lot of heat. And finally it is easier to secure a closed room in a separate building with motion sensing alarms when nobody is moving around all the time.

I am using an Arduino micro computer to control and fully automate the entire operation. The Arduino will control the alarm system, sensors for light, heat and moisture and also the voltage sensors to turn on or off cryptocurrency mining rigs as needed.

There is a light sensor to detect day or night. All systems will be shut down at night to conserve energy. There will be moisture alarms and heat alarms which can trigger a full system shut down if needed to protect the computers from damage.

And most importantly there is a volt meter built into the system which monitors the solar battery bank voltage at any given time. As solar power becomes available the Arduino micro computer will turn on a cryptocurrency mining rig. As more energy becomes available during peak sunlight hours more mining rigs will be turned on. If clouds, rain or night approach, the Arduino micro computer will shut down the cryptocurrency mining rigs as needed to protect the solar battery bank from damage through over discharge.

So far I have the micro computer working with the volt sensor and the ability to control three mining rigs. There is also a day/night sensor to turn off all the computers at night.

I still have to fine tune the volt meter though because the power inverter is messing up the volt readings.

But eventually I will run all the mining rigs using Pico ATX DC power supplies to power the motherboards and DC DC converters for the 12 volt graphics cards. This will eliminate all power supplies and power inverters.

You can find all the videos where I am setting up the Arduino micro computer here:

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