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Raspberry Pi 2 FM Transmitter

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:14 am
by hi_tech_guy_18
I found this little gem on MAKE" onclick=";return false;
Forget the pirate word

it may not seem like it but this can be a Raspberry Pi 2 FM Transmitter making it a survival tool
FM Warning beacon (warn of infection / Unsafe zones) | FM Distress Locator beacon | FM Welcome marker | FM Stay away | FM INFO Community rules for visitors | FM My log RTTY beacon

being 5v 2A The Raspberry 2 can be put on the back of a 100W solar panel with DC DC 12V to 5V 2A USB Regulator and a 12V 20Ah Lithium battery and run forever

You make a couple SDCards each with Different single mp3 file and it will loop the file
and set them up on a UNUSED FM Frequency 108Mhz is the best one due anyone with hand held radio / car radio can auto search for it

You could also use HAM Tools like
Ham radio deluxe" onclick=";return false;
MP3 Audio - Images - Slow Scan TV" onclick=";return false;

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MP3 Audio - Text - RTTY" onclick=";return false;

Any one with a FM Radio and laptop (FM Radio to Line in) (with ham radio deluxe ) can decode the Beep tones

Radio Strength of the pi depends on how long you make your Antenna wire to pin 4 75cm wire will cover a football stadium if you double that under 1 mile however 150cm is the max length it can drive