The offgrid freezer

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The offgrid freezer

Post by happyhippy » Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:24 am

Hey Troy - I am a little behind on the videos so apologies if this has been mentioned before on YT (I tend not to read the comments due to the idiots on there!).

With the freezer, have you thought about freezing containers of water in with the meat when the freezer isn't full? Okay, you may have to fire up the generator to get everything frozen to start with but when you switch it off, the frozen water will keep everything down in temperature until you fire the freezer back up in the morning. If its not too hot out, the frozen water will probably cut down on the effort the freezer has to put in to 're-freeze' in the mornings.

Just a thought :)

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Re: The offgrid freezer

Post by techman » Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:01 am

Thank you. Sorry for my late reply. Did not see your comment before.

Yes I did just as you said.

I filled the freezer to the top with water containers and then ran the generator until it was frozen up solid. It keeps for days before I have to plug it in again. Even on warmer days it last 3 to 4 days staying frozen before I have to run the freezer again.

During the colder days I can wait even longer before I have to plug it in.

I will do an update video again soon once I get a bit more experience with this freezer.

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