stove pipe through roof of a moving vehicle

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stove pipe through roof of a moving vehicle

Post by celestine » Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:15 pm

Hi, I'm looking for any and all information and advice about installing a duel walled stove pipe through the roof of my wagon. I have a small potbelly stove secured by its feet with copper straps and duel wall piping to the curved ceiling line. The pipe to go through the curved roof is double walled stainless steel held by large brackets. The subroof is 3/8 cdx with an aluminum flat sheet roof going over that. Does anyone have experience waterproofing and securing flashing on the roof? What has worked or not worked for you? This trailer will be traveling at 50mph. Thank you for any roofing help!

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Re: stove pipe through roof of a moving vehicle

Post by Ryan Romero » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:16 am

I am unsure but after seeing this the first thing that came to mind; is this legal. But for in general, I see diesel Vehicle with large mufflers running to the top of the vehicle. I would suggest that muffler as 1. It would appear as a muffler, less questions asked. 2. it is designed for heat. 3. You probably can get more assistance from a dealer with that muffler for a seal as well being its a part from them!

Let me know the turn out!

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