Why should you prep.

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Re: Why should you prep.

Post by preppernurse1 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:53 pm

UrbanRecon wrote:Well, I was a Boy Scout and our motto was "always be prepared". As an adult with a family, I got a real eye opener a few years ago as to what I really need to be prepared for. I live In dutchess county, NY. A few years back we got hit with a bad snow storm that knocked power out in the area for a little more than three days. In that time, I saw how people were getting. You could feel the tension at the few gas stations that had power as people watched how much gas you took. No one could get water from the supermarkets, etc..
At the time, my mom was fighting cancer and had no heat. I had to get a generator to get space heaters and her septic pumps going. I found out there was a shipment of generators going to a Home Depot 40 miles away. I got there and put my name on the list. There were 25 generators for what became 80 people looking for them. Luckily, I was number 14 on the list. We waited over 2 1/2 hours for the shipment. Once again, you could feel the tension as you were with people who hadn't washed for three days, had no hot water and felt helpless. When the generators showed up, the list I was on become worthless as people were cutting the line out of order to get their generators and pay for them. I was able to get one (I walked right to the receiving area and took it off the truck myself). I was nervous by the amount of stares I was getting from people as I walked by them with my cart. Some were obviously upset and/or angry. We made it through, but that was only THREE days. I realized how bad it could get after hurricane sandy hit our area as I saw the supermarkets in the city wiped out, fist fights at the gas stations, and the movement of people out of the NYC area. That's when I decided to be prepared ahead of the next event and be able to ride out the event with my family, safely.
Sorry for being long winded, but these are the more recent events that really changed how I look at things. I may not be ready for every scenario, but I am working on it. Most importantly, my thoughts are in the right mindset.
Thank you for sharing what happened to you its a real wake up call when you see it first hand. Now think how it would be in 3 weeks or 3 months it would get really bad. That's why I don't understand why more people don't get ready when they have lived threw an event.

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Re: Why should you prep.

Post by preppernurse1 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 6:02 pm

happyhippy wrote:I think I class myself as a semi-prepper. In the last few years, I have realised a lot (remember I am in the UK): the government cares nothing for the public and due to this we have a lot more different 'dangers' to you guys in the US. Whereas you have earthquakes and tornados, we have the risk of rioting and flooding (both connected to lack of government involvement!).

Due to this I have slowly started getting into things, I have a small collection of knives and tools, we are learning to start fires using a flint, cotton wool and vaseline (my daughter loves this and I have a video of her doing it for the first time, the smile across her face when she lights the fire is brilliant!), we have been growing our own veg for a few years, we have chickens in the garden and we collect rainwater.

I have a small 20W solar panel and a 12v 7.2Ah battery to play with, getting used to what I can do with battery and solar - small steps are helping me, well us, to understand what we can do, what our limits are and where we need to head and learn more about.

My wife hit the nail on the head whilst we were chatting a few days ago - the government know that one day they will lose the grip they have and this has been shown in a bizarre way, perhaps in a way that not everyone will catch. She is a sly old fox and spotted. Over the last few years we have had a couple of TV shows hitting our screens - one called Survivors from the UK and of course Walking Dead from the US. The Survivors one showed a small group of people trying to survive after the SHTF, finding somewhere to live, always moving, finding / growing food etc and I guess you guys watch The Walking Dead and they did the same - find somewhere safe, growing food/

These shows are entertaining yes, but they are also planting the seed in the unconscious mind of the viewer for the future - perhaps we are wrong and reading too much into it, but the shows started when the finiacial crisis hit the UK in a big way and a lot of people I know are now looking into keeping chickens, growing veg and being ready!

So glad Troy started this preppers network - just a shame that the majority of people will be US, us UK guys just can't hop across for a BBQ, a beer and a chat with like minded people :)

I am afraid its going to be bad every where. Its great to hear what you are doing over on the other side of the pond. I think more and more people are waking up we face different challenges but to me its about our kids surviving what ever happens teaching them the skills the need is so important. And it would be great if we could all get together for a BBQ a beer and good talks and share info for now this will have to do.

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Re: Why should you prep.

Post by techman » Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:12 pm

Since I started to post daily videos I get a lot of comments from many different types of people from around the World. Part of what I do is teach preparedness and I am a prepper.

I have received a sort of picture of the state of things around the World. It is as if people can sense a danger in the air. As if they have a sixth sense of something bad coming. Nobody is sure of what it is or exactly when it is going to happen but people sense something bad coming, thats for sure.

I have heard from so many people who did not believe in being prepared who have suddenly "felt" something coming. They are now starting to prepare.

I believe in the Bible scenario but that does not mean I know when or what exactly will happen. Just that the time is soon based on the signs. Others, even athiests are now starting to believe something bad is in the air.

It is quite interesting to see. I have a good position to learn about this through my video comments

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Re: Why should you prep.

Post by SurplusSupply » Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:49 pm

I try to keep a more positive outlook. I think I would still be doing the same thing if world affairs were 120% better. I know where you and many others are coming from, though.

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