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Discussions about The Off Grid Project and The DIY World Youtube videos. Feel free to chat here with one another and share anything you like.
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Post by salan3 » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:40 am

Hi Troy,
Not been on due to ill health and failing marriage (due to ill health).
I enjoy your channel and vids. A lot has happened since I last watched them!
I have a few questions if I may.
There is NO ulterior motive behind them, just 'trying to catch up'!

To catch up with all the vids would take me months of continuous watching, so apologies if I ask questions that are in the vids.
Congrats on you marriage. Things seem to of improved a lot for you.
When last I looked, you were in the RV and had just put a porch on it(yes that long ago!).
You tiny house looks good, but why that? I like tiny houses and see the advantage in them but it is a big project and in fact the whole DIY world seems to of 'ramped up considerably'
What was you thinking to 'expand'?.
The battery bank has evolved greatly. In fact in the last vid you say you don't really look at the status any more (remember looking many times a day? lol).
It is sad that you seem to have a 'loyal following of 'haters'. Agree of disagree with you fine. But to just be nasty?
As a disabled person, I cannot do a lot of what you do. so channels like your allow me to 'share' the experience.
I understand that you have so much work to do around the place, but projects like the electronic ones of old seem to be a thing of the past?
You have been cutting down a lot of trees recently. Have you planted any to replace them (plant three for everyone you cut)?
I will start watching the backlog of vids to try to catch up, but the focus has changed. Was that a conscious decision? of just how things have evolved?
Don't get me wrong I like the channel and enjoy the vids. Just curious as to your 'plans/thoughts on you direction'?

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Re: Returning member.

Post by techman » Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:12 am


Hope this finds you well. I am using a Macbook right now that a friend gave me. Been working on getting it running for a while now. My Windows 10 laptop is absolute garbage and keeps rebooting and has a mess of errors. It a new computer and there is no alternative these days.

Anyway, I am hoping to be able to keep up to date on things now. It was a struggle just to get the laptop running to upload a video each day. Sometimes it took multiple tries.

I will try to answer your questions.

I love electronics but dont have a place to work on them right now. I have a lot of experiments on hold. I am considering making the tuck camper a dual purpose survival camper and work shop for electronics.

I wanted a tiny house because they are cheaper. Can be moved. Can be built myself with no huge fees, permits, engineers, architects and other issues. No sewage system out in the yard, just a composting toilet. And a tiny house is easier to heat and easier to maintain.

Thank you on the congrats. I am very happy now and things are certainly turning around for the best this year.

My enemies have all believed the tabloid rumors spread by a single jealous man. He has a channel as well and wanted to shut me down and get my subs. He failed at shutting me down but has turned many people against me. I tried to take the Christian approach and turn the other cheek. But now he has people vandalizing the property, stealing and harassing us on a regular basis. About once or twice a week someone is out here thinking they are doing the World a favor by harming us. They know where my cameras are and they stay out in the perimeter just out of range but they manage to do a lot of damage. The police cant do a thing without hardcore evidence. But the evidence of them plotting against me online with full details of their plans does not work for some reason.

I am planting fruit and nut trees but no I am not planting one for every one I cut. That is for logging out entire forests. It is good to thin out the trees actually. Its called management. I plan to remove anything that is taking resources from my nut and maple trees. The trees that provide me with an income.

Things have evolved on their own. I guess getting married changed things a lot.

Thanks for being there. I hope you are still around. Again, sorry for the late reply. On my Windows laptop I could not tolerate the slow loading of each page on my forum and let it slip. On the Mac it is running nicely.

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