The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

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The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by techman » Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:40 am

Here is the timeline of events starting from the time that I started The Off Grid Project, to the day I lost my job in January 2013 up until the current time. This will include details about how and why things happened. I will also include the events which the trolls caused during this time.

I used to be self employed and a freelance SEO expert (Search Engine Optimization) and a website designer. I also had an online web store on The Do It Yourself World site.

I had hopes of growing The Do It Yourself World in order to make sales online so I started The Off Grid Project to help grow my channel and my websites. That was the original plan. But things changed during the last two years. Mostly for the good with my videos.

I started The Off Grid Project while living at my current location in the woods two years ago. The idea was to boost my websites, sell books and make online sales on my web store at TheDIYworld.

I made videos and some DIY projects but I had no viewers and nothing really came of it. I tried to get a Kickstarter campaign going but they said my idea was "not creative enough". Funny that. I went to Indegogo which is another crowd funding platform but they want you to ask your friends and family for money while they take a cut of the funds. Well, I could do that alone and nobody believed in my project enough at that time.

I made more solar panels and improved my life a little bit during the first year of The Off Grid Project. This is a period that very few of you know about because it is the year before my channel became popular.

I was a freelancer but considered myself employed full time by the last company I worked for. I was working full time plus overtime and had no other clients during the year I worked there. I moved into an apartment with a friend around October 2012. It was a bad move but life happens.

In January 2013 due to a failing economy I lost my position at that company.

I was living in an apartment at the time and had my camper in the woods behind the place. I started pumping out work for The Do It Yourself World using my camper as an office and a work shop. My landlord decided that he could charge me an extra $6-800 per month rent for using my camper which had already been there for 6 months according to our original agreement. He basically said pay or leave. I left. I made my move in the middle of a blizzard and made some videos of my experience.

At that time I had no light, no heat and very little solar power. I had a homemade 65 watt solar panel and a tired battery.

The videos were a hit and people asked me to make daily videos of my life. The Off Grid Project transformed and grew into the YouTube channel that you see today.

I moved all my belongings back to the meadow where I had spent the previous year and kept going with The Off Grid Project full time. I took on a part time job so I could pay the bills. I also reduced my bills to the bare minimums. I was using a smart phone as an internet device. I was fully off the grid. Not comfortable but off the grid.

Around March I started doing Monday night talk shows on a streaming internet radio site. It was a fun way to interact with people.

The above paragraphs detail the beginnings of The Off Grid Project. The following will show the start of the attacks and the drama that followed. If you do not like drama, please do not read the following posts. If you want to know the truth and the timeline, then please continue.

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by techman » Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:11 am

Some time in March I got a phone call from Allan, Seeds2Freedom asking me to start selling his survival seeds. I was working with a seed company at that time and I am loyal to one company. I will not deal with others when I have one already. After a two hour phone chat I politely declined the offer of starting a business with Allan.

Later in April I dropped the Monday night show online. The owner and I had a friendly parting of ways. He had a new investor who was not going to allow me to use my whole show on my YT channel anymore. They wanted all the ad income for themselves and wanted me to drive people to their site. We parted ways on friendly terms. It makes no good business sense for me to continue on with no gain. I did a video about that on YT.

Soon after I got a phone call from Allan (Seeds2Freedom) and Aussie Prepper. This was about a two hour phone call telling me about their paltalk channel and asking me to bring all of my then 12,000 subs to their channel. They were going to start up an off grid network where people could discuss anything off grid 24/7. Well, my YT channel was doing this quite nicely and I did not see the benefit from sending all of my subscribers to someone else's channel so after a long talk, I politely declined.

Soon after the attacks and harassment started. Seeds and the gang formed a small group of people and did their paltalk thing. They reached out to YouTube channel owners to get them to join forces with the paltalk gang.

Many of this group came to my videos to leave harassing comments and kept privately messaging my subscribers with slanderous messages about me. They also started to contact companies I deal with and sending them slanderous messages.

My online store and the dreams of making a living online were destroyed. One by one the companies I dealt with dropped me. You can still see the store on my website but I cannot process any orders and I took down the payment processor. The funny thing is that even today my enemies are stating how rich I am due to my store. Ironic.

I had a friend Tim Carey who I took on as a marketing manager for my growing YouTube channel. Tim was arranging for companies to send me products to test out online. Occasionally Tim got paid by the company for a deal and I got a free product.

Tim was soon to be released from the Military with a full lifetime payout for his injuries suffered during combat. He also had a very nice job lined up for when he got out. He was mere months from release from active duty. I was talking to him daily about the Bible and he was on the verge of being saved.

When Herbsterplace1 and OverlandOffGridJeep (I think thats the name, he changed it later) contacted some of the companies Tim was working with, then Tim got angry and called Herb and Jeep. This was affecting Tim's income and he did not like that.

Herb called me a few days later telling me he was only angry with me for having TJ over at the same time that Herb and his family were there in summer. I apologized again and again on the phone to Herb. I was truly sorry. But Herb did not apologize to me for contacting companies. He did admit to it to me though but never once apologized. I figured he was angry and did not push it.

A few days later Tim was in jail for allegedly threatening to blow up a Walmart. I believe to this day that he was set up and stand firmly to this belief. A man who has everything going for him does not go off on a terrorist rampage. Tim was threatening Herb and Jeep and told me so. I think the timeline of these events are too close to be coincidence. Everyone that knows Tim does not believe he would ever do such a thing.

Ask Herb about the phone calls. He admitted his actions to myself and to Tim. Two witnesses.

The paltalk gang started to grow. I know of a few smaller YT channels that got sucked up into their group. I remember one in particular who sent me an email about how she was under attack by this gang and did not know what to do. A week later her channel was gone and all videos taken down. Two weeks later she was back online with a new channel and a new name. And guess what. The same gang who was attacking her were at her cabin helping her on video.

These guys are not just attacking me but other channels as well. Many have fallen and some are still standing. I will not mention names in order to protect them.

I thought Ryan, FixedByDoc, was my friend. We had talked on the phone sometimes. I allowed him to post on my videos to promote his channel. He was planning to move to PA, buy some land and go off the grid. Eventually, soon after his move I had to block him from commenting on my videos because he was telling people to visit his channel and see how he could do things better. I figured we were still sort of friends though and said nothing. I just blocked him from commenting. No big deal. I had lost his phone number though when I got a replacement phone and the backup went bad so we never talked again.

Eventually Doc started posting bad stuff about me on my videos. I could not see his comments though because I had him blocked. The new YT and Google+ integration allowed blocked people to keep writing comments on a video but the channel owner could not see them.

I kept asking my viewers what he was writing because the responses looked pretty bad. To this day I am not sure what Ryan was saying on my videos but my viewers were replying to his accusations against me and many left my channel to go to his.

Later I found out what happened. He had received a message stating that I was slandering him and trying to hurt him. He believed it without talking to me and became my enemy. This is sad. This is how the paltalk gang works.

Ryan, I never said a bad thing about you. Never did and do not plan to. But you continue to write three page lists of my crimes against you and against humanity. If this is true then show the World your proof.

These guys keep talking about "truth" and "proof" to turn people away from my videos. They say I have committed crimes against humanity and against them. Said I tried to kill them and sent people to harm them. They say they have "proof" but never show any when called out on it. They say I am going to jail for what I have done but yet I have never been questioned by any authorities about any such "crimes".

I will attach a list of some of the things Doc and the gang have said about me. Some of their own plotting and plans against me. I am using their own words, not mine. I am simply copying and pasting their words which were publicly displayed on YT.

The only reason I am doing this is to save my channel and others as well. These guys have shut down my SEO business, website business, online store and my sponsors. It has been a year now and they have not left. I have lost a lot and am still losing things today. I can no longer sit silently and wait for them to go away. Its not working.

I will upload the file in a minute...

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by techman » Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:13 am

Below are some of the comments I have saved and posted for you to see for yourself. There are more but I have hundreds of pages to go through.

I have put my own comments in double brackets like this ((my comments))

M Callahan
Save it for your buddy Troy the false christian who hides behind his religion when it suits him and has his 'followers' attack innocent people. You better pass the plate a few extra times for Troy because his channel is done and so is his con job. By the way, when you make a fake account next time you need to add more than two subscriptions one of which being Troy. Loser.

Z. Ray Wakeman
Mr. Troy Reid has now decided to take a 'sabbatical' in Australia, and has now fled, I meant to say, driven to Michigan.
Maybe we should all take up a collection, and send the money to Mr. Reid ??
On second thought ...maybe not !
After all, we would NOT want be accused of helping Mr. Reid flee the country, excuse me, I meant to say go on vacation.

Troy is a vile lying self-absorbed free-loading piece of **. He must have a mental illness.

As I mentioned before, did i ever made fun of Troy? Yes and I will very likely do it again. I mean, when you get material like: "I am a perfectionist!" It is kinda hard to not burst laughing.

M Callahan
I see that. Thank him for his views Herb. Troy is a coward as well as a paranoid delusional phyco. He'll direct his followers here to jeopardize their Google account but he won't do it himself. What a brave guy. He is too cowardly to come into this channel and speak for himself he'll just grab snippets and run back to his channel like a cockroach. Maybe it's too much time living in a rodent infested RV? He's got Stockholm syndrome with the rodents LOL Maybe he's named one BEN who knows... Troy, crawl back under your rock you coward

FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly

+Tom Cashman no he isnt jealous. he is speaking the truth. if you knew anything about what was really going on with troy you would know he was buying subs and views and he is full of shit and troy has caused this shit to happen because he decided to attack a group of ppl who never did anything to him and troy even attempted to get ppl to kill us. troy is a fucktard and we are not jealous of him by far. we just want to drive him off youtube now for his bullshit he started and the false rumors he spread. fuck troy and his cult followers.

Aussie Prepper
Does this mean troy is associated with a pedophile cult leader and everyone who follows troy are condoning this sort of thing... all u followers r painted with the same brush. The story wont be buried troy.... allot of people r chasing the facts of the situation and will share it with everyone else.

+Aussie Prepper true so true...

+Mos REdrum who said i watched the video. i only came and immediately paused the video before it even played and then thumb it down and then spread the truth about troys stupidity.

FixedByDocYesterday 11:17 PM+1
+KEN BEALE i dont think troy thinks about anything he does in anyway. thats the problem he doesnt think lol. by the way i copied your comment about his big business and home and spread it to everyone i could reply it to on troys last two videos
(( Here Doc is referring to a message Ken posted containing my personal information and address. Ken supposedly found out that I live in a mansion and that I own a business. A flea market business, which by the way belongs to my landlady. So above Doc admitted to posting my address to as many people he could. That is illegal.))

no i havnt ruined anything lol. a death threat is a death threat lol. and as soon as we all lawyered up as you put it he fled to australia. have to wait for him to come back to face criminal charges. learn the truth before you speak out nonsense. i havnt ruined anything. i havnt threatened him. i havnt attacked him. i only attempt to spread the truth about his shit channel and what he does and how he is lying and cheating everyone and scamming you all. no laws against that. what he did is illegal however. and he will be paying for it when he returns to the states.

you should be ashamed of yourself for still following this shit head. i will see to it that this creep loses everything

FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Jan 14, 2014
if i could time travel to that era i would take my AR15 and as much ammo as i could carry and some body armour and a few other modern day weapons like explosives and hunt these crazies down and stop them before this christian and muslim religion crap could get really going. then travel throughout time to stop it anywhere it might try to show its retarded head again. to bad i cant. it would be so worth it and fun.

FixedByDoc commented on a channel on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Dec 31, 2013

FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Dec 26, 2013
when are you going to come back to usa and face the charges brought against you for your crimes?
did you all know that troy is being investigated for fraud and scaming and coning ppl?
did you know he is being investigated for making false claims to the fbi and police?
did you know he is being investigated for having a part in the bomb threat and such with tim carey?
did you know that he is facing charges for making death threats to several ppl openly here on youtube?
troy is in a shit load of trouble and yet he fled to australia to escape it with help from his cult church... but he has to come back eventually to face these charges or australia will deport him if he doesnt. just give it time and the truth will be seen.

((Well Doc, I am back. Interesting that I was only accused of allegedly pooping all over the woods based on some video you mention but that does not exist. Please show us all which video it is and at what minute it is shown. Thanks.))

FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Dec 26, 2013
troy when you going to delete and disable comments here again? it is more fun that way! run and hide the truth from everyone that you are in a cult and lie about everything. shut off the comments so ppl cant call you out on the filth and crap you try to pass as the truth and prevent others from defending themselves and spreading the real truth!
((Doc, what is the "real truth" as you say? Please post it here for us all. Show us the "real truth" instead of slandering me and saying I will go to jail. What for Doc? What evidence?))

FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Dec 18, 2013
to bad he wasnt eaten by a shark. i hear they are vicious out there in coffs harbor.

herbsterplace1 commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Jan 14, 2014
wow the con-man has comments back up its time to spread the truth about him again. how and the hell can you Americans support some one in a cult and a con-man. have any of you even look at what the hell he is its not a church its a cult and check out the leader for what he is at that cult also his friend tim carey go's to court this week . don't let the man betray you !! don't let him hide behind god

herbsterplace1 commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Jan 13, 2014
so now we all know link knight is brain wash by troy 100% I thought you were smarter then that link knight.. unbelievable !!! so are you joining his cult now or just dating him I don't under stand please let us know troy is a real con man check the facts out link knight show one project that was finished show us where he really teaching anyone the way to do it your self and not some one to do it for you
or just go buy some sub's like troy is doing I hope you don't really believe him that he has a real 20,000+ sub I am glad to see that not all aussie's get fooled by troy

herbsterplace1 commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Jan 11, 2014
hey dude . don't them (troy nation ) get you down. just tell them to F off and also troy has falling. don't think for a sec those 20,000 sub's are real. he been paying for them. I found out there is a site to buy sub's and view's and guess what troy has been there doing that lol check it out he has 20,000 sub's only 1,500 view's and now no comments .and when he had them up only 50 people commenting . just go's to show you how fake he is . anyways take care see you around 

herbsterplace1 commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Dec 22, 2013
lmao shut the whole f-ing site down you liar and cult member go join your friend in jail lmao

((a message from doc to one of my viewers))
troy is an idiot and is the one who attacked everyone to begin with. if troy hadnt proclaimed false lies about ppl and pulled the crap he pulled he would not have anyone mad at him. all ppl tried to do was help troy and he flipped out and went pyscho on everyone and lied about everything going on. troy is a nut job. do yourself a favor and steer far away from troy and his "do it yourself DESTRUCT world". does it not bother you he is a member of a cult that molest children and that troy has incited ppl to commit murder on his behalf by asking ppl to kill several others for him? does it not bother you that he lies straight to your face on the videos and if you call him out he blocks you and tells lies about you? how can you follow some one like that piece of shit? seriously get a fucking clue.

((Doc please show the world the evidence you keep talking about. When did I ever say a bad thing about you?))

he will face charges when he comes home. i urge you not to get caught up in it or you will to.

FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Yesterday 11:09 AM ((old date))

(( show us the accusations doc. You cannot because they do not exist, right))

FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Jan 14, 2014
fuck you troy. we will never stop hounding you now after what you have done and claimed until you are shut down.

FixedByDoc6 hours ago
+loden greeneyes i heard he had assualt charges for beating women when he got drunk. just a rumor though. but makes sense why there are never women around except from his church group.

FixedByDocJan 26, 20141
i and my friends have you very well documented. i have a free probono lawyer who is handling it. it wont cost me a single cent. he also happens to be my county judge
i will be here until you shut it down. ive already had the cops go to lee986321 home and will have them go to yours when you get back
i will see this through. i have reported you to the irs as well. my father inlaw owns a tax agency and he is reporting you on my behalf about all those well documented gifts you got
i will see you in jail and your channel shut down. stay in aussie land troy dont come home. you are not wanted in usa.

herbsterplace1 commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Jan 14, 2014
wow the con-man has comments back up its time to spread the truth about him again. how and the hell can you Americans support some one in a cult and a con-man. have any of you even look at what the hell he is its not a church its a cult and check out the leader for what he is at that cult also his friend tim carey go's to court this week . don't let the man betray you !! don't let him hide behind god

+Jack FnTwist true. i dont watch troys videos anymore. so he doesnt get any adsense from me. or view counts. but i wont be responding to his troll goons anymore. ive said my peace to them. im only focused on shutting down troy.

FixedByDoc OffGrid
. ive only called you out on your lies, deciet, filth, cons, threats, and bullshit. that is not breaking the law. it is called warning others about you a con artist and a criminal. you are a pathetic little man who will be punished for his crimes and i will see your channel shut down.

((What crimes Doc? Evidence please. What have I ever said about you? Truth please.))

Yesterday 6:27 AM (( old dates))
No shit. Then you know how i feel about this crap. It takes time to get this stuff down ,in the meantime they really have some sick fun at our expense. They have no life and want yours. Sad, sad people.
FixedByDoc OffGrid
Yesterday 6:42 AM (( old dates))
+MissouriWindandSolar they are jealous i have a successful offgrid homestead and making it completely without connection to the system except for internet. you know the guy that is trolling my channel and made the fake channel of mine as you were tricked into donating to him some equipment awhile back. so im told. many companies were tricked by his manager tim carey to donate to him. troy reid of the do it yourself world aka techman2015 is the culprit after me.

(( Doc has been contacting companies I deal with to shut me down ))

FixedByDoc OffGrid
+eenlaatstekans yes very true. as for the last comment though it was me that deleted that thread because it had about 191 i think comments under it and i didnt want him to profit off it any more. when i deleted it his comment count for his whole video cut in half. when this thread reaches 100 i will do the same.

FixedByDoc OffGrid1 day ago

+MizBonnieville he is. i also gave a few channel names to him to check out. ppl i thought that might be interested. although jnullo wasnt one of the names i gave as i didnt know him then. i told him about troys channel and showed him the crap on it to and warned him about it. he said he wanted nothing to do with troy's fake crap. and was making a note of it for future reference so they wont be contacting him.

((I was supposed to get a TV show. Wondered what happened to that. Guess I know now))

FixedByDoc OffGrid
Jan 15, 20141
+Stephen VanDyke will do. although it may take a longer while to get troy. lee was easy but troy is better at getting ppl to do his dirty work for him.

FixedByDoc OffGrid
Jan 15, 20141
+Stephen VanDyke i had to get the cops to make a visit to lee's place in washington state and to contact troy. i just wish they would set foot on my property. sherrif has given me the ok to take care of any problem ppl since my no tresspassing signs went up. just said make sure they are facing inward and not able to talk back when all said and done. less paperwork for him to do.

FixedByDoc OffGrid
Jan 14, 2014+2 1
+TrangleC i view ALL religions equally. as in theyare ALL retarded and need to be stopped and outlawed.

Epilepticpilot commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Jan 29, 2014
I don't think he's deleting comments Doc. He saw his numbers dropping rapidly and that's why he unbanned some people to get his comments going again. I've gone back and deleted mine just so I contribute absolutely nothing to his cause. He makes stupid comments to try to draw people into comment arguments to inflate them. Last few vids pretty much he was left alone and now latest vid he asks for thumbs up to beat the trolls. He sees the drop off and is trying to stir up drama and I think the best thing people who know what he's all about can do is just delete comments and give as many dislikes for his vids on mobile devices.

FixedByDoc OffGridJan 29, 2014
ok i will give it a shot. i thumbed down most of his and his followers comments that were BS. and will continue to do so until he appologizes which he wont. i know he deleted many of my comments though. but i have also stopped commenting on the trolls he has defending him and focus strictly on troy himself.

Epilepticpilot Jan 29, 2014
Almost 21k and without people calling him out he's barely getting 40 comments. He won't get credit for view on a mobile device so I use iPad to give my daily 2 thumbs down.


well said loden! Only fools fall for his lies anymore. It is just too absurd. Soon Australian police will take him bco false visa, and when he finaly returns to the USA there will be countless police and justice department people interested to see what this sektarian terrorist has planned!

+Rick Renshaw LOL the liar has lost 98% of his followers Rick, it is over and doen for him. Besides that, read what loden says - the police are on his back obviously and he knows the heat is on its way. Just wait for his faked staged attack on his RV and jis begging for money and parcels and/or duckin out and claiming the world is to blame. Not to mention the VA who has some unfinished business with his faked VA status. Plenty of drama coming up if he manages to leave Australia at all cuz he falsefied his visa.

Seeds2freedom 1 month ago
Over a week this video has been up and not one person has come to defend Troy and his lies. Though I am not surprised.
Mind you, it is very hard to defend someone who clearly is a LIAR.
Like most Liars he is a coward and hides under a rock.

((Sadly Seeds did a video on “The Do It Yourself Destruct World" and asked me, no demanded that I come over and answer his questions and accusations. I did go and answer them all. He deleted them and said that I did not answer him yet.))

mark a. coffeen1 month ago
+loden greeneyes I am wondering how to make sure that the landlady knows what a unstable mess troy really is and that he is planning on doing a con job on her for her land....hmmmm...
((This was from an open forum between Seeds, Herb, Doc and friends. This was on Seeds2Freedom's channel. I simply copied all of the comments below and the one above and pasted it into a Word file. They have since been deleted but YT has copies of it all for proof.))

Melody Capehart Medina1 month ago
I agree 100% I will not be commenting anymore . I will continue investigating him though.
I will be calling the CC Advocate this week.
I already reported him to the NY State Troopers more that once and I did turn him in about the Trip Wire's he received from Timothy and they were at his RV on the 26th of Oct. for that and possible other violations. He is just flat bold face lying about why they were there.
Is someone really checking his military history?
Is someone checking if excepting prepayments for the book and DVD that have not been produced is considered Mail Fraud?
Jack FnTwist1 month ago
+Melody Capehart Medina That's awesome. What we need to do is get someone to join the ex CAI forum, and make them aware of Troy's channel, and where he's living. I'm sure they'll have some good responses to all of the lies!

Melody Capehart Medina1 month ago
+Jack FnTwist LOL "WE" you're so funny!! :))) Are you to chicken to do that also? :)))

Jack FnTwist1 month ago
+Melody Capehart Medina Lol. Yes. I did try to contact an ex member with an email, but it didn't go through.

Melody Capehart Medina1 month ago
Well do you have the articles from the news paper so I don't have to go searching for them :))

Jack FnTwist1 month ago
+Melody Capehart Medina http:------------ That's the forum. I would LOVE to see some of those ex members address Troy's channel :)

Melody Capehart Medina1 month ago
+Jack FnTwist Got them TY

Melody Capehart Medina1 month ago
+Tom Green I know this is not a funny issue but I truly just want to make one of my common statements about being blonde and how all of this is making me dizzy :)))
I have so much information on this guy to do with lies he's told I could write a book on him and I'm still collecting. The only thing I've heard him say that is the truth is I am his worst nightmare. I know confronting him makes him crazy because he is used to hiding behind that camera and being involved with simple people that he can take advantage of and tell what to do.
I'll watch what ya'll come up with and decide what route to take. But in the mean time either Ken B or Adam made a comment the other day that caught my attention that I'd like to pursue about Troy being a Preacher. Is that something Troy just said or did you glean that from a source? And if the Marine who is looking into Troy's military history needs the unit's he say's he was in I got that information back and his date of birth is 1-17-1969 and his middle initial is W.

Jack FnTwist1 month ago
That's not really the full story. That's kind of a recap of some incidents that happened before he left the country. I think you need to investigate further into his life, and discuss his cult activities, and the fact that he is probably a leader, and what kind of horrible things happen to people in that cult, according to what I've read. Maybe even get the law in on the NY branch to make sure nothing strange is going on with kids. Funny, he accused me of being part of your group of friends, and conspiring against him. I've never even seen your channel, except from when he accused you. I just Googled things, and figured them out on my own, with one suggestion from Aussie Prepper.

Tom Green1 month ago
+Jack FnTwist
Thanks for the link Jack, unfortunate. I have read some other threads from that blog, but never that particular one. I guess that explains a few things, and one, is why you know who can’t prove they were false accusations.
I need a favor. I am not very proficient with Google earth and am trying to view somebody’s “homestead”. I have tried to find the landlady’s address and been unsuccessful. I thought the address was on his site and it’s not or at least I can’t find it.
My next step was to try and find it (“homestead”) from that McDonald’s address you posted and I’m either blind or not looking the right direction…? Can you either PM me the lady’s address or tell me which direction to search from that McDonald’s. Thxs-

John Clarke
My new goal in life is a have this channel shutdown. This is going to be my new hobby

Melody Capehart Medina7 minutes ago
+FixedByDoc OffGrid Our State Police take care of our Highways but in Pine Bush it is them who handle a certain address we both know and they did go twice when called. Not sure what a township is but it was not the Sheriff Dept. or the City Police that handled that area :))))

herbsterplace11 week ago
lmao it will stop when troy sorry con-ing ass is in jail and youtube channel shut down and if no one like it they can always kiss it

vanisloo 2 hours ago
you people are sick sticking up for this piece of trash OPEN YOUR EYES the head leader of his church IS A CONVICTED RAPIST I am bookmarking that and pasting it on EVERY VID THIS GUY EVEER MAKES BAN ME I WILL MAKE A NEW ACOUNT CHANGE YOURS I WILL FIND IT TROY YOU ARE SICK YOU BELONG IN JAIL WITH YOUR LEADER

FixedByDoc OffGrid1 month ago
+GreenDesertCamper well he is staying on that property illegaly as there isnt any permit issued through the county planning commision to allow renting or rental units on that land. and troy even stated he has no official rental contract. if he had then that would mean it would be on record with the tax office and county court house which there is no record. this means the land lady never got approval nor had the proper inspections done to allow him to live there as a tenant. they have to see proof of waste disposal plans and sewage disposal ie:septic system etc... and he uses a bucket which is not a legal setup. then he just dumps it in the woods. also not legal. i know because ive gone through it all to get my stuff legitimate and legal. the laws are pretty much the same there in NY because i called and verified with his county offices.  soon the health department and others will be going out there to inspect and he will be in a world of hurt. also the fire department is going to be checking up on his wood stove shed thing to which is agains code and a fire hazzard for the county because he is in the woods using a very dangerously setup wood fire system. if he burns down he could take half the county with him. these reports have been made and they will be fining the land lady for the issues found. she will be forced to kick him out or fix the place up to code which would be very expensive. he always claimed if there were ever any trouble there the land lady would evict him.

mysticangells 2 days ago
Well nearly everyone has taken the words right out of my mouth ..
The fact of the matter is People couldn't be bothered & checking for facts, & asking questions before they become a lynch mob...

((I could not have said it better myself. This is all I ask of people before they believe any of these lies against me. Sadly she was talking to Doc in this message.))

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by techman » Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:16 am

This is for information only. I only want to clear up my own name which has been dragged through the dirt. Please do not seek revenge for me nor even pay these guys a visit on their channel. Just ignore them and their comments from now on. I have lost too many subs and viewers to them in the past year by remaining silent and hoping they would go away. No more.

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by drew » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:51 am

thanks for keeping your chin up , keep fighting the good fight , i dont understand all of the stuff that goes on in folks minds , and it makes me sick , that being said , some day they will get theres

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by phoneguy1212 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:46 pm

There is way too much work to be done for you to waste your time and energy on this mess. Let's get back to the project and quit all this foolish nonsense. Yes everyone knows that subscribers equal money on You Tube and that's why you're getting all this craziness to bring people over to them. Get back to the Project and keep the followers you still have. Damn kids acting like grade school all aver again.

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by Greg » Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:03 pm

Be careful about using Youtube for a flaming war. At some point they might bring you to task for violating their terms of service. Pick carefully your field of battle.

Trolls are going to be their no matter what you do but a flaming war can bring down a site

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by MotherLodeBeth » Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:52 pm

Since you said we could ask questions here goes.

Have friends of 22 and 38 who worked on Wall Street and took a hit in 2008-09 but regrouped and got new jobs. So I am curious why if you have been so successful in the past, why are you not working at a job that pays. You are able bodied, so why are you not working at a well paying job?

Why not move to a better area where you can be off grid and working? All the dozens of gridder tiny house person in my area has a college degree, works from home. If you indeed has the expertice you say you have you could live in KY or ID which are two great off grid self sufficient minded states, and also make an excellent living as well.

It's also odd to me that any business would take the word of some unknown person, and ditch support of you Troy. Unless it's a questionable company or upstart and they have no desire to do their homework and discover what is true, and thus wrote the naysayers off.

Attorneys take cases all the time on a contingency basis if they believe the person has a serious case in regard to slander, ruining a persons reputation online etc. Our Internet provider even provides us with $1 million in online reputation coverage with our yearly paid membership. Most folks I know persoanlly, who have websites also have insurance to protect lest they be sued or need to sue.

How much do you think you have made/spent that could have gone to get you a nice tiny house on wheels had you planned a lot better? I recall a month ago or so you noting you were doing your taxes, so you must have made enough to have to file taxes.

As to the issue of legalities where you live. Specifically what do you need to do to live on the property legally? Remember last summer when you noted small planes or helicopters flying over the area? Ever think that maybe the county was checking to see what hidden places were in the area, that were illegal?

Living off grid is legal in my county providing the place isn't junky, yet one county to the south its on a case by case basis, and more liberal to the county to the east here in the Sierras. It's why we always tell people to do the homework and do NOT take the word of a friend or relative who says 'sure you can live in your RV, trailer, tiny house on wheels on my property'. Its not always the case.

Gotta note, your channel has more drama than any other YT channel I have ever watched.

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by bones » Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:51 pm

guess ppl dont understad if u make over 650 dollars u have to pay taxs troy sue them tak doc shit barn and doz it with all u have i dont see y yt doesnt ban him and i would seek a lawyer im telling u thats will make them stop u hit there wallets and it would make us all happy to see them donate to the cause and its sad they bring a church into it and get google involed for them distrubuting ur address and i cant beleave how they have nothing better to do sad sad anyway glad ur back

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Re: The Off Grid Project Timeline And The Trolls

Post by SurplusSupply » Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:35 pm

"FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Dec 18, 2013
"to bad he wasnt eaten by a shark. i hear they are vicious out there in coffs harbor."

you should be ashamed of yourself for still following this shit head. i will see to it that this creep loses everything

FixedByDoc commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly - Jan 14, 2014
if i could time travel to that era i would take my AR15 and as much ammo as i could carry and some body armour and a few other modern day weapons like explosives and hunt these crazies down and stop them before this christian and muslim religion crap could get really going. then travel throughout time to stop it anywhere it might try to show its retarded head again. to bad i cant. it would be so worth it and fun."

These are the true death threats, Troy. :( :x
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