How do I Wire once I start branching from the first 5?

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Re: How do I Wire once I start branching from the first 5?

Post by Solar98632 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:55 pm

No, i would not lay them on thier side lol.

One thing I did over look, said weight of batteries, I will be adding a reinforcement to that shelf, it is bowing.

On the up side, my goal is to have [ 15] 35 ah batteries.
Currently I can run our freezer over night and run the electronics as well.

We need the phone on overnight since we get calls from the scool..Pretty much I kill everything and allow the system to charge up.

I do have it plugged in for now since we have no sun...and today...was foggy. The sun came out after it started to set.
I wasn't joking about the generator being cheaper to run than our PUD.

One thing I have learned as I increase my battery bank. If seems like I am using less power in some ways.

I can run things longer. It's almost like adding a super large 30 gallon gas tank to an HF 3000 watt generator..if kept full it's it's easer to add fuel,but dry it out added it's going to cost you big time.
I fully charged the system, but once I hit a bar down then I go for recharge. During the day when it is sunny, and we're not home I will shut everything down. Just to make sure it gets a charge during the day.

That off switch is nice feature.

For now I am leaving the small freezer unplugged from the system and keeping it in shore power.

Until late I German 3 more batteries then I will plug it in after words. I just want to make sure I can compensate for that.

The small freezer uses 77 watts.

I add it and I am at 177 wayts..

I have 6 35 amp hours batteries.
I probably will be investing in a car charger next month.

During the summer, I should be off grid save for the things I have no control over like the water heater the dryer.

Those 2 items I can not take off grid.

I am curious on our account units.

I plan to use just one. And it will be in the beadroom. Smaller area, it can can cycle.

The furnace is the only other thing I can not connect to the inverter.

I am going for it this summer. My goal is to have water heater / Cooler off the grid.

And if I am paying 100 bucks for hot water, then I know what truly is sacking money.

Or the PUD got angry and decided to hike my rate lol.

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Re: How do I Wire once I start branching from the first 5?

Post by techman » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:22 pm

Of course, adding more batteries is going to increase the overall amount of power you have to use. So yes the batteries will discharge slower. Very good system you are putting together there.

In time you are going to have a very awesome system. I love the fact that you are actually running stuff and sharing your real world results.

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