Super Cap Set-up runs mains led for 1 Hour 15mins

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Super Cap Set-up runs mains led for 1 Hour 15mins

Post by hi_tech_guy_18 » Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:26 pm

6x 2000F Super Caps [charged to 15V ] Runs DC DC Boost Regulator Converter (Input Wide 15V > 4V - Output Regulated 12V)> Inverter 12V DC to AC and runs a 12W Mains LED for 1 Hour 15 mins

This little Set-up be ideal for sheds / out houses / storage or workshop tents
where your only in them for 5 mins or less (at a time) to a hour (Per day)

ideal set-up would be to use 100W Mono > First DC DC Boost regulator to take the variable input range of the solar panel (Wide range +12V > 4V) and up convert it to 15V DC Feed this past a blocking Diode into a Super Cap Bank > Switch | Pneumatic Time Delay Switch ie set to switch off the light after 1 mins or 60 mins after being pressed > Second DC DC Boost regulator converter Wide Input 15V to 4V > to make a Regulated 12V > Feed a 12V DC to AC Inverter > Mains AC LED (12W) 100W

Pneumatic Time Delay Switch ... 004Q5PY10/

Due Super caps are not Lead acids You can Deep Draw them to 0V
Sadly due the min voltage of the DC DC Boost Regulator is 4V / 3V

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Re: Super Cap Set-up runs mains led for 1 Hour 15mins

Post by techman » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:21 pm

Cool info. Problem is the cost and the size of the caps. He is talking about having 20 of these super caps to equal one small lead acid battery.

I am very interested in John Bedini's experiments with a lead alum battery conversion which can potentially increase battery life to infinity. Problem with this system is the lower voltage of the battery. Most inverters and solar charge controllers have preset cut off voltages for standard lead acid batteries.

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