Pre-made 1 Watt Lights

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Pre-made 1 Watt Lights

Post by Buzzcutter79 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:45 am

Glad to join the forum and skip all the crud and crude remarks on the YT videos. I really enjoy the videos daily, working nights (1630-0100) I either check them before work or after. To the point;
I sent you the gloves, a small solar panel and 2 ea. 1 watt LED lights, a warm white, and a bright white light. Remember DAT? Ha!
Sergute! My male Manx cat had to examine the box to determine if I could use it of course, and probably one of the reasons Babycat had to really check it out too!
I hope sometime you are able to experiment with them or find a use for them-gloves, always useful (and kept everything from banging around in the box) The small solar panels are great with a 1 AA battery or 2 AA battery devices, especially if they have a charging circuit. I glued one to the top of a solar pathway light, and as long as I change the battery every year or two, it will charge and work all and I meant all, night, with a good sunny spot during the day...just a heads-up!
Keep your hatch latches tight-CVC's only protect the brain case so much! I will keep watching!
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Re: Pre-made 1 Watt Lights

Post by techman » Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:23 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum. Happy to have you here.

Yes I remember the package. Baby was very interested in the smells.

The gloves have a thousand uses. I will be using them in summer a lot I think. More than right now. But when working on small engines they are the best. And cleaning toilets :)

Those lights are quite awesome and one is going over my doorway. When I enter, that light switch is the one which will turn on one of these lights. Only problem I have right now is that all my wood is under snow and ice and I am hoping to find something to build a socket soon.

The solar panel will probably be used in the chicken area for some lighting at night. But again snow is slowing me down.

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