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Owner of The Do It Yourself World, a website dedicated to researching and sharing projects in natural energy, off grid living, prepping and survival and natural foods.

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Free Online MCD Millicandela To Lumens Converter


How to make a Hydrogen Booster for your vehicle

DIY Vehicle Hydrogen Booster How to make a Hydrogen Booster for your vehicle This site will guide you through the steps necessary to make your own Hydrogen Booster for your car. This is also known under various other names such as H2O Booster, Water4Gas, Browns Gas Booster, an

How to make a Hydrogen Booster backfire suppressor

HO Backfire Suppressor How to make a Hydrogen Booster backfire suppressor

Homemade Bicycle Powered Generator

Make a Bicycle Generator A Free Pedal Powered Generator Anyone can make a free pedal powered bicycle generator with a bike and some salvaged materials. The bike generator shown here cost a total of $0 - Zero Dollars. It w

Wind Turbine And Generator Construction Details And Facts

Wind Generator Design Wind Turbine And Generator Winding Basi

How To Install Better Insulation In Campers And RVs

Improve RV Insulation How To Install Better Insulation in Your

How To Repair Water Damage Inside Camper Or Rv

Repair Water Damaged RVs How To Repair RV and Trailer Water Dam

How To Waterproof And Seal Camper And RV

Waterproof Your Camper Old

DIY Plans For Various Passive Solar Heaters

The DIY Passive Solar Window Heater The Do It Yourself Passive Solar Window Heater &

How To Repair A Leaking Camper And RV Roof

How To Repair An RV Roof

How To Make A Wood Stove Boiler System For Home / Camper / RV / Trailer

Make A Fireplace Boiler Heating System   Affordable, simple wood stove radiator heating system for camper, RV or mobile home.   Step by step instructions how to make your own wood stove boiler / radiator heating system.

How to charge a dead lead acid battery

How To Charge A Dead Battery   Charge A Dead Lead Acid Battery   Often a car battery will die on us and it seems like nothing we try can bring it back again. A conventional battery charger may not be able to recognize that

How To Survive A Power Outage In Comfort

Survive A Power Outage   Long Term Survival During A Power Failure   Depending on where you live, a power failure can be a common occurence, or it can be a very rare thing. For some people, keeping a generator prepared at h

Restore Lead Acid Batteries With SSG Radiant Energy Battery Charger

Radiant Energy Battery Rejuvenator   How to Restore old Lead Acid Batteries Experience with a Bedini SSG battery charger and restorer. Lead acid batteries can often be a problem to dispose of. The

How to desulfate an old lawn mower battery

Desulfate A Lawn Mower Battery   This page shows how it is possible to desulfate a very badly sulfated old lawn mower battery. An old battery was purchased from a lawn mower dealership for scrap price for this project. The battery pictured at the right shows the

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