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Owner of The Do It Yourself World, a website dedicated to researching and sharing projects in natural energy, off grid living, prepping and survival and natural foods.

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All About Solar Panels And Can You Use Solar Panels In Winter

All About Solar Panels and Can You Use Solar Panels In Winter     I often see questions about solar panels and their usefulness in Northern climates in winter. Many people are under the impression that you c

DIY Multi Battery Lithium Ion Solar Charging Station For 10 Batteries

DIY Homemade Solar Lithium Battery Charger For Up To 10 Mixed Lithium Batteries     I have about 500 mixed Lithium Ion batteries of various types and sizes to charge up and test. I have a mess of 18650 batte

Processing Herbs From Our Homestead For Winter Use

Processing Herbs For Winter Use Simple Herb Preservation Method     This fall we harvested a whole mess of herbs from our herb gardens. We cut the plants down to about 2 inches from the ground so we could pu

Drink Pine Needle Tea For Health And Nutrients

Pine Needle Tea Will Amaze You Loaded With Health Benefits     Pine needles are loaded with health benefits such as vitamins and minerals but they also have medicinal qualities.   Many peopl

Tarragon Is A Powerhouse Of Nutrients And Health Benefits

Tarragon Tea Is A Powerhouse Of Nutrients And Other Health Benefits     Tarragon is normally known as an herb in the kitchen. It is often used to add flavor to soups, sauces and dressings. But tarrag

How You Can Prepare For The Coming Collapse

Prepare For The Coming Collapse What You Can Do     In my previous article and video I talked about how many of the top economists are saying that a financial and economic collapse the likes the World has ne

I Got Over 500 Lithium Ion Batteries For 40 Bucks

I Got Over 500 Lithium Ion Batteries For Only $40 Total     At Battery Hookup I bought 50 pounds of Lithium Ion batteries for a total of only $40 - for the entire bunch. I purchased five 10 pound lots of bat

Harvesting And Processing Honey Mushrooms For Long Term Storage

Harvesting And Processing Honey Mushrooms For Long Term Storage     The three of us went out to harvest some honey mushrooms that had sprung up in abundance. We filled up a large paper bag and two plastic sh

Experts Say A Collapse Is Coming Soon - Are You Prepared

The Experts Say A Collapse Is Coming Are You Prepared?     Economic and financial advisors are saying that a collapse is coming soon. Some say it is coming already this October while others

Got The Parts To Build An Awesome Perimeter Defense Alarm System

I have been ordering the parts to build a perimeter defense alarm system for our off grid homestead for a while now. Finally I got all the parts together that I need for the project. My plan is to use a bunch of these alarms to protect our entire homestead from intruders or predators. B

Three Ways DIY Tube Video Community Can Make Money

DIY Tube Video Community is out of development and entering the marketing stage. We are ready for the World. During the past two years our site was open to the public but we did not advertise much. We just had enough people to test out the system while we worked. But now DIY Tube is rea

How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 - Off Grid Coffee

This is the next article in the series on how to get your home off the grid for $5,000 or less. During the next months I will lead you through a series of articles and videos which will show you how to get your own home off the grid on a budget.   Today we are going to talk a

Linux vs Windows 10 vs Mac And Why I Choose Linux

I have long been trying to decide which operating system I wanted to go with since Windows 10 takes control of my computer at any given time of day or night.   I loved Windows XP back in the day when we were allowed to use and customize our computers as we saw fit. But then c

A Spring Like Day At The Off Grid Homestead And Solar Power To Burn

It was a beautiful, sunny spring like day on the off grid homestead and the solar panels were pumping power. We literally had power to burn.   When the sun is shining bright we have excess power in our off grid tiny house. With 1,600 watts of solar panels our battery bank cha

How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 - Off The Grid Defined

How To Get Off The Grid For $5,000 (or less) video series part one - Off The Grid defined. Every week we are going to cover a new topic in how to get your home off the grid for $5,000 or less. Last week we introduced the video series.   Now today we have to first define with

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