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PostHeaderIcon Remodeling My Off Grid Camper

I just finished building a desk and a set of book shelves in my off grid camper. The camper originally had two twin sized beds in the bedroom. In all, it had space for 6 adults to sleep. Since I am alone, I figured the extra bed would not do me any good, so I removed it to make space for a desk.

The original bed frame was about 3 feet wide by about 7 feet long. I pulled the bed out and cut the width down to two feet so it would fit better with a chair in front of it and still leave room to walk through the bedroom. Then I remounted the frame to the wall at about 27 inches height using the original wood and hardware. I removed the cloth trim and then I had a nice looking desk.

There was just over 8.5 inches of wasted space between the cabinet door and the wall, perfect for an average sized book. I took more of the supporting wood framework left over from the bed, plus some pine wood I had laying around and made a set of book shelves. The shelves are built right into the walls and attached to the desk for stability. Underneath the desk is another shelf for a printer or some more books. The top two shelves are 8.5 inches deep and the next two are ten inches. It worked out quite well.

DIY homemade book shelf and desk in my off grid camper

In the summer I will stain and varnish it to make it match the surrounding wood. The stain emits poisonous fumes and needs a lot of ventilation and winter is no time for that.

Later I may put some pull out drawers on the far left side, under the desk for more storage.