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PostHeaderIcon Vacuum Seal Survival Food For Long Term Storage

You can vacuum seal your own food packets for long term storage. Survival food storage should be put away by every household in case of emergency. This is food with a long shelf life which is put in a convenient place and easy to grab and run in case of a disaster of some kind. You can make your own survival food rations and save a lot of money.

Many off the shelf items at the grocery store can be vacuum sealed for long term storage. These are items which generally have a decent shelf life, which would be extended if the food was packaged and stored properly. Vacuum sealing food keeps out moisture and oxygen, both of which reduce the shelf life of the food.

Oatmeal packets were used in this example because they are convenient, taste good and are packaged in single servings already. All you need to do is protect the oatmeal packets from the elements for long term storage. That is where vacuum sealing comes in. Sealing the oatmeal packets in a vacuum extends the shelf life greatly.

This is for example only. You can vacuum seal all sort of food such as dried vegetables, dried jerkey, dried fruit, whole grains, seeds, crackers, and other off the shelf food packets.

Vacuum sealing food for long term survival storage

Above you can see three boxes of oatmeal packets that are ready to be sealed away. Mix up the flavors in order to have some variety later when you are in a survival situation. Eating the same thing day after day will lower morale.

First, make your vacuum sealer bag by cutting a piece off the roll to the correct size and then sealing off the bottom. Now take about 10 of your oatmeal packets and place them neatly in the vacuum sealer bag. Mix up the flavors in each bag.

Vacuum seal your food packets for long term storage

When you have the bag ready, place it into the vacuum sealer as directed by the manufacturer of your particular machine. The one shown has lines along the vacuum nozzle which show where to line up the bag.

Press down on the sides of the machine until it clicks into place and the vacuum starts to run. You should hold the bag level with the machine to prevent folds in the bag which could reduce the chances of it sealing properly later. This will also help the vacuum do its job.

When all the air is out of the bag, press down on the heater element, which will seal off the bag by melting a strip of the plastic. Now your food is permanently sealed for long term storage. For the best shelf life, keep your food cool, dry and out of the sun.

Vacuum Sealed Oatmeal Packets For Long Term Storage

You should put your vacuum sealed food packets in a larger sealed container to keep mice and bugs out. A large 5 gallon food grade plastic bucket works fine.

You can put away a lot of different sorts of food in this way to extend its shelf life.