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PostHeaderIcon How To Make A Simple Biomass Briquette Press

A biomass briquette is a hand or machine made briquette made up of just about any sort of small, flammable material which is pressed together under pressure and then dried. This makes a long burning briquette using scrap material that would be otherwise useless as a fuel source. Example materials are paper, newspapers, leaves, coconut husks, wood shavings and others.

There are various methods for making a biomass press ranging from using a hydraulic car jack to a simple caulk gun. This article will show you how to make one using a caulk gun and some PVC pipe. This method is very simple and affordable.

Make a caulk gun biomass briquette press
A homemade caulk gun biomass press

Make A Caulk Gun Biomass Press
PVC pipe fitting into caulk gun

The materials you will need are a caulk gun, about 18 inches of 1 1/2 inch white PVC pipe, some fender washers with just under 2 inch outer diameter and two 2 inch hose clamps.

The tools you will need are a hack saw, a standard screw driver, a straight edge and a permanent marker.

This is a very simple and fast project.

Take your PVC pipe and insert it into the caulk gun as shown below. Then take your permanent marker and hold it against the pipe, near the end of the caulk gun as seen below. Spin the pipe around until you have a perfect circular mark around the edge of the pipe.

Marking PVC Pipe For Biomass Press

Now remove the pipe and cut it with your hack saw along the line you just made. Remove the burrs from the edges carefully.

Using your marker, mark the pipe in thirds along one end as seen below. Now take a straight edge and draw a line along the length of the pipe on the lines you just made. Draw about 3/4 the length of the pipe. This will be for your relief cuts.

Marking PVC Pipe For Caulk Gun Biomass Press

Using your hack saw carefully cut along the lines you just made.

Now take your hose clamps and screw them down so that they just fit sort of snugly but can be easily slid off the PVC pipe on the uncut side. These will be the retainers when you make the biomass briquette later on. The clamps will prevent the pipe from spreading outwards but still allow the water to squeeze out of the biomass material.

Now you can put it all together and make sure it fits nicely. The washers will be used later when we make the briquettes.

That’s it. Now you have a biomass briquette press. The next article will show you how to make your biomass briquettes.