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PostHeaderIcon Low Cost DIY Dollar Store Emergency First Aid Kit

Every single home should have a first aid kit. You should also carry a first aid kit in your car, boat and backpack. In some countries in Europe, having a first aid kit in your car is the law and is one of the vehicle inspection points. Outdoor sportsmen/women should carry first aid kits as well when they are out in nature. Preppers should have a first aid kit on hand in case of emergency.

A first aid kit, fully equipped with all the essentials, does not need to be expensive either. Below, I will show you how to put together a complete first aid kit using all dollar store materials. The items shown below come in bulk packages, so there is actually enough for two or three first aid kits for the price. This is good, because, as already mentioned, you should keep one in your home, car and backpack or bug out bag.

DIY Dollar Store First Aid Kit

The contents of this first aid kit are all up to you. You can have as many, or as few items as you want. Below you can see my Dollar Store first aid kit contents. Everything you see, including the box, are from the dollar store. You may need to shop around at various dollar store chains in order to find everything you need.

Make A Dollar Store 1st Aid Kit

Recommended contents are the following:

  • Plastic container to keep it in
  • Waterproof tape
  • Various sized bandaids
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Various sizes of gauze
  • Elastic pressure bandage
  • Aspirin (or natural alternative)
  • Antiseptic (or natural alternative)
  • Tweezers

Optional items would be the following:

  • First aid book
  • Safety pins
  • Razor knife
  • Sewing needles
  • Fine fish line (to sew wounds)

Of course, you can add as many more items to this list as you want. I use natural medicine, so there is no medicine or aspirin found in my first aid kit. If you do include dated items like medicine, be sure to rotate it out to keep it fresh.

A first aid book is helpful to have in case of emergencies you may not be sure how to handle. Either use an orange or bright red colored box or label it “first aid kit” so it is easily spotted in emergency.

Regardless of the contents of your own first aid kit, you should have one. Do not wait until disaster hits before you think about it.