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PostHeaderIcon Making a composting toilet and attempting to get running water in my off grid solar camper

Today was another busy day with the processing of more maple syrup, making a composting toilet and trying to get running water in my off grid solar camper. It was sunny out today and I spent a lot of time checking my solar panel output and trying to burn off the extra energy they put out.

This morning at 7 am the sun had not yet even shown itself and it was gray out but my new solar panels were putting out 1/2 amp of charge already. That is a major advantage of having higher voltage solar panels.

By 10 am this morning my batteries were topped off already for the day and any solar power being produced was wasted. I need more batteries now in order to handle all that solar power output.

I started another batch of maple syrup this morning, which is an all day project to boil down the maple tree sap into syrup. I keep feeding in wood until I have maple syrup. I do this while running back and forth on other projects.

I continued working on my new homemade composting toilet today. I got the framing finished and got the toilet seat mounted so I can at least use the toilet for now. I need to get some plywood to finish the toilet, but for now it is functional. The 5 gallon bucket slides into the front of the toilet underneath the seat and fits snugly in its place now. When it is finished I will have a door on the front which will open to allow me to pull the bucket out when needed.

To use a composting toilet is very simple. Toss in some straw, dried grass or wood shavings on the bottom of the bucket. Do your business and cover it with more material. Keep layering it until the bucket is full. When full you dump it onto a compost pile and leave it for a year. Wash the bucket and replace it into the toilet. In a year you have some of the finest, richest compost money can buy. All pathogens and bacteria are killed during the year long composting process.

I had way too much solar power output from my solar panels this morning so I pulled out my Coleman thermoelectric cooler and put my cold food into it. I have been putting my food outside at night in my truck to stay cold and during the day I put it behind the camper near the ground. Today it was over 60 outside so the food would have spoiled. I got lucky that I had too much solar power. I plugged the cooler into a 12 volt outlet and left it on all day.

Two hours later it was just over 40 degrees in the cooler and it was 64 in the camper. Not bad. At 5:30 pm the cooler was 35 inside at 64 in the camper. Near sun down I unplugged the cooler and put it in my truck for the night. I cannot leave the cooler outside due to raccoons which will open teh cooler and help themselves.

By 11:30 this morning my batteries were hitting 15 volts again so I had to unplug one of the solar panels for now. I was still able to run my cooler, charge my phone and laptop, charge my camera battery and charge up all my power tools. My batteries were fully topped off.

A friend came over to visit and gave me a lift into town where I got some plugs for the water fittings in my camper. I had forgotten that I removed the hot water heater and left the water line open. Last time I tried to turn on the water pump, water came spraying out all over the place through the open line.

Well, this time I was smart. I got 1/2 inch pipe plugs and plugged off the toilet line I had just disconnected and also the two water lines that went to the hot water heater.

I turned on the water pump and it pressurized the camper water lines in no time. I turned on the kitchen sink water faucet and had running water! Happiness!

This was short lived though because sadly one of the old water lines that went to the hot water heater burst and the nozzle broke right off. I again had water spraying all over the camper and had to quickly shut off the water pump and open the faucets to let the pressure off.

I was so disappointed.

I need to figure out how to plug the open water hose now.