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Archive for May, 2015

PostHeaderIcon Making A Rustic Pallet Wood Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Door

I am building my entire tiny house on wheels using mostly recycled materials. Since I get pallet wood for free every day I am using a lot of it to build my tiny home. I am building my entire bathroom with recycled pallet wood. The medicine cabinet door was the project for the day today.

I measured and cut enough pallet wood boards to give me an 18 inch wide door by 33 inches high. I laid them out on the work bench so I could put them together with a pallet wood frame.

Making rustic pallet wood cabinet door

Next I cut the boards for the frame and pieced it all together on my work bench. Now the hard part started. Pallet wood is hard. I was going to use brass screws to give me a beautiful door. But the screws kept breaking on me. I even drilled the holes first and the screws kept breaking.

So after a trip into town and back and I had a solution. I used rustic looking tacks on the front of the door to give it an antique look. I used wood glue in between the boards and the frame to hold it all together firmly. And I used screws on the back side to really ensure that this door lasts for many years of use without falling apart on me.

Making Pallet Wood Cabinet Door

I took the fully assembled door inside my tiny house living room to continue the work with better light since it was getting dark outside. I had a bunch of furry helpers with me as I worked.

I predrilled the holes for the hinge screws and then attached the hinges to the pallet wood door. Then I mounted the door to my tiny house bathroom medicine cabinet. Now I discovered a problem: These hinges were designed to be recessed into the back side of the cabinet door. I am using recycled hinges as well and missed that point when I mounted the door.

Pallet Wood Medicine Cabinet Door

I will have to take the door out to the work shop and use the router to cut out the recessed area for my hinges.

Once I have the hinges working well I will mount the mirror that I salvaged from my old camper. That old camper was demolished to provide the trailer which my tiny house sits on right now. I saved as much as possible from the old camper while I worked and this mirror happens to fit my medicine cabinet door perfectly.

You can watch the video of the assembly here: Making A Rustic Pallet Wood Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Door

PostHeaderIcon Wiring Up My Tiny House Bathroom Lighting

Since I have been working on the tiny house bathroom recently, trying to finish up the room, I need light in there. I have been using portable LED lighting the entire time so far but with the back wall finished I can mount some lights in there.

I started out by stripping the wire that runs to the tiny house composting toilet made by which powers the tiny fan inside it. This wire has 4 strands of 12 gauge wire and only two were being used by my composting toilet fan. The other two I ran around the bathroom wall and over to the door.

I connected a light switch next to the door for an LED lighting system in my tiny house bathroom. I will later build a decorative box to cover this switch box. I am also leaving room for another light switch for the vanity light and for a 120 volt power outlet.

My tiny house on wheels is off the grid and running on solar power but I have both 12 volts DC and 120 volts AC running through the house. Most of my devices are running on 12 volts but some are AC only so I have the option as needed.

From the light switch I ran a wire over the door and to the finished wall where I want to install my lights. I wired in a lamp and left it hanging on the towel rack for now.

Next I went upstairs into my tiny house bedroom loft. I screwed a fuse block with six fuses onto the wall and then a ground strip. I connected these to the heavy gauge wire that runs upstairs through my tiny house. These are the main hot wires from the solar forklift battery out back.

Wiring my off grid tiny house bathroom lighting

I ran the wires from my composting toilet fan into the fuse block and then the wires to my bathroom lighting. Downstairs I checked and I have light in my tiny house bathroom.

But then I realized that I had run into a sort of problem. The tiny house bathroom door hits the light. There is not enough room for the light behind the door.

I have given it some thought and I will simply run an LED down light in the center of the bathroom ceiling and have that be the main light. Then I will run three LED light strips around the vanity for shaving and hair cutting. These will be on another switch.

LED lighting in my off grid tiny home bathroom

Well I have light in the tiny house bathroom. I have to change my idea but I do have light for now.

See the full video of the installation here: Video Of Me Wiring The Tiny House Bathroom Lighting

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PostHeaderIcon Tiny House Bathroom Looking Like A Rich Spa

With the pallet wood paneling in my tiny house it was already looking pretty nice and rustic. But when I added the porcelain and brass fixtures to my tiny house bathroom it looks absolutely amazing. My tiny house looks like some sort of rich spa or resort bathroom now.

My entire tiny house bathroom is being built using recycled materials. All but for the shower that is. The shower stall is new but the sink, walls, paneling and fixtures are all made using recycled materials that I got for free.

Beautiful tiny house bathroom using recycled pallet wood paneling

I found the bathroom towel rack and toilet paper holder on the side of the road last summer with a free sign by it. These are porcelain and brass fixtures and are beautiful. They will fit perfectly with my rustic look mixed with Victorian era decor. And they fit perfectly with the porcelain and brass faucet on the bathroom sink I also got for free last summer. They match up nicely.

I had to predrill the holes for the brass screws in order to get them into the hard wood pallet wood paneling. The work was hard screwing them into the wall but the result is so amazing.

After mounting the toilet paper holder and towel rack I immediately put in some toilet paper and hung a towel on the rack.

The result is spectacular. I cant believe this is my own home.

Bathroom paneling using pallet wood is gorgeous

I cant wait to finish the rest of the bathroom walls and the cabinet with the free pallet wood.

Have a look at the video of the installation here: Tiny House Bathroom Looking Like A Rich Spa

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PostHeaderIcon Making A Rustic Pallet Wood Bathroom Wall In My Tiny House

I am building my own tiny house on wheels using mostly reclaimed lumber that I get for free. This tiny house is built using 90 % reclaimed materials so far. I am going for a rustic look so most of the wood is rough cut and raw looking. But it sure is looking nice as it all comes together.

I pick up free pallets in the area as needed and use them for my tiny house construction. For the bathroom I chose a lighter colored longer pallet for a sort of white band across the wall. This was alternated with two older gray looking pallets that had been aged in the sun quite a bit. These look like barn wood siding.

Using pallet wood for tiny house bathroom walls

To add to the rustic look I left in all the old nails, rust, cracks and other flaws in the wood. You can see the saw marks in this rough cut lumber which also adds to the overall look of the tiny home.

These pallets were recycled a few times and the old boards had been cut off and nailed onto new runners to make new pallets. This left old nails and rust marks in the aged pallet wood. I used a reciprocating saw to cut the boards off the runners myself leaving even more nails in place. To get the center runner off though took some work and effort. I did not want to crack the wood when prying the boards off the pallets so I had to work slow and carefully.

Using recycled pallet wood for tiny house construction

It was very slow going and it took me an entire eight hour day to process three pallets, remove all the nails and staples, measure, cut and then nail on the boards inside my tiny house.

I am also using cheap nails that I got on discount for only 25 cents a pack. They are finishing nails so they do not show up on the boards but they are fragile and weak making my job harder in the end. For the last few boards I had to use heavier and longer nails because the pallet wood was thicker and the nails were just pulling out of the OSB sheets behind them. I actually had to predrill the holes for the nails because this is very had wood and the nails were just bending when I tried to pound them through.

But I think the end result makes it well worth my time after I sit back and look at my rustic tiny home bathroom wall. The pallet wood looks beautiful and it looks like some sort of rich spa.

Making Tiny House Bathroom Wall Out Of Pallet Wood

My tiny house on wheels is like no other tiny home in the World. I am really loving how this is turning out.

You can see the video of the entire project here: Making A Rustic Pallet Wood Bathroom Wall In My Tiny Home

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PostHeaderIcon Extreme Shock Test Of The J5 Tactical Flashlight

The guys over at J5 Tactical sent me one of their tactical flashlights to test out. I had been using my own J5 Tactical flashlight for months and was highly impressed with it. When I did a video review of the J5 a few weeks ago, one of the commenters on my YouTube video suggested I ask the company for another one to do a stress test on. So I did.

I have been testing this flashlight for a few weeks now. I first put it out in a rain storm for 7.5 hours. It was raining pretty hard at times and I left it out there the entire day. Eventually I decided to go out and give it a test. The flashlight worked just fine. This situation can occur when you are hiking through the woods cross country at night and need a light to show the way – even when it is raining. I dont want some wimpy flashlight that cannot handle the elements when I am trying to get home or get to camp in the night.

J5 Tactical Stress Test And Review

I picked up a tactical flashlight mount for my 12 gauge Mossberg 500 pump shotgun and mounted the J5 Tactical flashlight to it. I have been using it at night quite often to chase off predators that attack my chickens in the night. I am often firing off a round at raccoons, coyotes or other predators in the night to scare them away. The J5 Tactical flashlight really does the job lighting up the night while I run around trying to save my birds. It takes all the shock that a 12 gauge can give. And my 12 gauge shotgun is has a shorter 18 inch barrel and a pistol grip. This means that my shotgun has more recoil than a standard length shotgun.

J5 Tactical Mounted On 12 Gauge

I took the J5 Tactical flashlight off my shotgun one day for an under water test. I had originally said that I was not going to dunk it in the water because it was not rated for under water use. But I changed my mind and took it down to the lake on the property where I live.

I tossed the flashlight into the water and left it there for a while as I chatted to the camera. When I reached in to pull it out, it worked fine. I dunked it again and left it in the water for a while. I even turned it on under water, which looked pretty cool. This flashlight can take a dousing and still work. This is important if you are using the J5 Tactical flashlight when fishing, hiking, bugging out, boating or any other situation where it can get wet at times.

I put the flashlight back on my tactical 12 gauge shotgun and took it out for some night firing. As I said, I use this light on my shotgun quite often to help me see in the night. Just for demonstration purposes I fired off a few rounds rapidly to show that this flashlight can take the beating of a tactical shotgun.

Night Firing Shotgun With J5 Tactical Flashlight

The next test was a shock test. This flashlight is said to be able to handle some shock and dropping. Well, one real life situation you may find yourself in is sitting up in a tree stand after sun down and you accidentally drop your flashlight. You have to get home in the dark and you need a light that you can count on to get you home no matter what happens. So I dropped the light from about 20 feet up in the air. I went down to retrieve it and it worked perfectly.

Now here comes the best of all. This part of the test even had me worried. I planned to run over the J5 Tactical flashlight with my 3/4 ton 4WD Chevy truck. I am often off road in the woods somewhere and need a light to see out the sides or look under the truck as I am crossing logs or rocks. Sometimes a branch may hit my hand and I can drop the flashlight. What if you are driving and drop the light – and run over your own flashlight? Will your flashlight survive the shock?

I wanted to know if this one will. So I set it up right under the front tire of my truck, where the weight of the engine is. I slowly drove over it on gravel and hard packed clay.

Running over the J5 Tactical with my truck

When I got out of the truck I feared the worst. It looked really bad. I thought it was squashed flat. It looked like it anyway at first glance. But when I pried it out of the clay, the light was undamaged. It was not even scratched! I cant believe this because it left a perfect imprint in the hard packed ground where it had been run over.

I am very satisfied with the J5 Tactical flashlight and would highly recommend it to anyone. This light is good for fishing, hiking, survival, hunting, boating and anything else you want to throw at it.

Here is the original video review I did on the J5 Tactical flashlight: J5 Tactical Flashlight Video Review

And here is the extreme stress test video: J5 Tactical Flashlight Extreme Stress Test & Review

Thanks go to the guys over at J5 Tactical:

Buy yours here: Buy J5 Tactical Flashlight

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