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Archive for March, 2015

PostHeaderIcon Lumsing Bluetooth Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Speaker Review

Lumsing was again kind enough to send me one of their awesome products to test out. I have been very impressed with the quality of Lumsing products so far. Their products are top notch, made of solid materials and perform as expected or better. I do not say this lightly either.

Lumsing sent me their HiFi model MM526 waterproof portable bluetooth speaker to test out. When I first opened the box I noticed a couple things. This speaker is heavy. I used to install high end car stereos in high school. I learned that a heavy speaker is generally the sign of a good speaker. The cheaper ones are very light in comparison. This is not a full test of a speaker but a good first impression.

Another thing I noticed is the feel of the device. This portable bluetooth speaker feels solid. It has a silicone outer shell for a good, firm grip. It has an aluminum protective screen over the waterproof speaker. The entire case is covered in a silicone shell and is fully waterproof for normal outdoor use.

This is designed for indoor or outdoor use such as hiking, picnicking or general daily use.

This bluetooth speaker has a stereo amplifier and dual voice coil speakers believe it or not. Dual voice coil speakers in such a small package is quite amazing.

The speaker is rated between 2-3 Ohms and 4 Watts true RMS. This is a very loud speaker for its size. RMS is the standard to compare to and many companies do not even list a power rating at all these days let alone show the true RMS power output. The speaker frequency response is rated from 100 Hz to 20 KHz. Not bad at all for such a portable speaker. Again this is something that has been lacking often on speakers these days and I will not purchase any speaker or stereo without these numbers on the package.

Lumsing Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

There is a 3.7 Volt 1,000 mAh Lithium Ion battery inside the speaker to provide up to 8 hours of use. I have often accidentally left this speaker on overnight and found it still working in the morning after using it for hours the evening before.

You can charge the internal battery using any standard USB port or one of Lumsing’s portable power packs if you are on the go. The charging port is rated at 5 volts at 500 mA.

The bluetooth speaker works fine up to 10 meters which is about roughly 10 yards or 30 feet. This is a good, decent range for a bluetooth speaker.

I have tested this bluetooth speaker extensively using my phone and computer. Connected to a phone it operates way beyond what I had expected. You can follow the video review link below to hear the quality and hear how I tested it. I had my Mother on the phone from Michigan while I sat in my tiny house on New York. We talked at first on the normal phone hands free setting. Then I turned on the bluetooth speaker and it paired nicely and quickly with my cell phone.

Immediately you could hear the difference. The portable Lumsing bluetooth speaker is loud and clear. It acts as a microphone and a speaker for hands free cell phone operation. I put the phone all the way over in the kitchen of my tiny house and left the speaker in the living room on the table. When I stood in the kitchen my Mom could hear me quite well with just a tiny bit diminished clarity. When I walked over to the portable bluetooth speaker we could both hear one another loud and clear.

As an audio speaker I am again truly amazed. I tried the bluetooth speaker on my laptop using the audio in jack. This Lumsing MM526 bluetooth speaker conveniently has an audio input jack which I plug my laptop into. This speaker is way louder and better than the speakers on my laptop. It far surpasses the quality and volume of the laptop speakers. I use the Lumsing bluetooth speaker every day now on my laptop as the main speaker as well as for taking calls on my cell phone.

This speaker is very intelligent and has voice prompts telling you what its status is. When you crank up the volume to its maximum level a female voice clearly tells you so. It tells you when it is paired with bluetooth or when an audio line in jack is plugged into the speaker.

I have yet to try this outside for its portability and water proof capabilities but I will soon do that as the weather outside improves and I start hiking again. This speaker has a built in carabiner which makes it convenient to simply clamp onto your backpack, purse or jeans belt loop.

I will do some more video and blog reviews on this amazing speaker with time.

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See the full video review here and hear the quality for yourself:
Lumsing Portable Bluetooth Speaker Video Review