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Archive for October, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Hurricane Sandy New York updates 4:00 pm Tuesday Oct 30 2012

The storm is mostly past us now. It is still dark and gray but the wind has calmed down. It is still raining on and off a bit, but it looks like a normal autumn rain storm. It is almost as if the storm never happened here in Upstate NY. Except for all the fallen trees and power outages, we got very lucky. There was very little damage to homes or property around here. Many homes are without power still this afternoon though. Many offices and businesses are without power or closed for the day.

There are a lot of trees sheared off near the top or halfway down. Others are torn out at the roots and laying on their sides. Many smaller trees and shrubs oddly got flattened as well. The force of the winds was fierce at times.

Tomorrow things will begin to get back to normal again. That will sadly not be the case for many in New York, New Jersey and others who got hit the hardest by Hurricane Sandy. Many homes were flooded, destroyed by winds or burnt by fire.

Keep those people in prayer.

Take care of your own families and be prepared for anything. You may say this will never happen to you, but ask those in Windham NY, in the Catskills what they think. They were not supposed to be hit by the hurricane last year and many lost everything.

Stock up on food and water. Keep it rotated out always. Have camp fuel or alternate means of heating and cooking on hand. Have flashlights, hand crank radios and batteries on hand.

Be prepared!

The Do It Yourself World

Some NY photos:

Breezy Point Queens NY - burnt out

New York Parking Lot

NYC Financial District Flooding

Queens NY fire

PostHeaderIcon Hurricane Sandy New York updates 9:30 am Tuesday Oct 30 2012

Well, the house is still standing. Although I did not expect to see much damage to the house. My survival camper is fine and the Off Grid Project camper is safe. There are many trees down all over the place though. There are huge trees broken in half and some ripped out of the earth. Some smaller 20 foot trees are surprisingly knocked over though. There must have been powerful wind at ground level too. Strange.

My home still has power although many in the area do not. The lights were flickering badly last night but held out. I was fully surprised to wake up with power this morning.

I took a walk down through the property where I live and saw a mess. The front lawn is littered with debris from trees. It is just a mess. The roads and trails through the 36 acres of forest are blocked in places by large downed trees. It is a miracle that no property got damaged where I live.

Last night at about 10pm the air was warm and smelled just like the ocean. I live about 80 miles north of the ocean. But it smelled just like you were standing on the beach.

This morning it is cold, dark and wet. The rain is coming and going. The wind is calmer but it is still gusting hard at times.

I will be venturing out on the road later to get some footage of the damage in the area.

PostHeaderIcon Hurricane Sandy New York updates 9:30 pm Monday Oct 29 2012

The wind is getting stronger. Things are bouncing against the house constantly now. The power keeps flickering on and off now. It went right off for a minute and then came back on.

Neighbors about 10 minutes away are without power, near New Paltz, NY.

We ventured out to a local hotel/restaurant which was open and heard that others have lost power. But the power losses are sporadic and spotty.

Power is blacking out as I type.

The yard looks bad. It is covered with leaves, twigs and branches. The pathway through the forest is littered with fallen trees and branches. And the storm has only just made landfall.

Battery Park in Manhattan, NY is flooded and I have heard that water is entering the subways and tunnels.

Going to keep this short because I may loose power at any minute.

PostHeaderIcon Hurricane Sandy New York updates 6:30 pm Monday Oct 29 2012

The storm is getting stronger. The rain is coming down in torrents. The wind is gusting strongly and smaller tree branches are littering the roads and yards all over the area.

The worst is yet to come tonight. But for now, we are still safe although the lights keep flickering a lot in the last hour.

I just went out a bit ago to make my last video for the evening and got totally drenched very fast. It got fully dark just after 6pm tonight. The trees are shaking in the wind pretty badly.

Here is the video:

Update at 7:20pm

People here in the neighborhood of New Paltz, NY are loosing power. The winds are getting worse.

PostHeaderIcon Hurricane Sandy updates as of 4:45 pm Monday

It is windy, raining and cooler outside now. There are some tree branches down and scattered leaves all over the place so far. We still have power here in Upstate NY, but along the coast there are about 500,000 without power now. NYC has seen some flooding and has evacuated about 375,000 people ahead of the storm.

Last night NYC shut down all public transportation for only the second time in its history. The first time was last year for hurricane Irene.

Most people took off work today and many businesses closed ahead of the storm. Schools and many businesses are already announcing closures for tomorrow.

We are battened down and waiting to see what comes tonight when the worst of the storm hits our area. It is supposed to be severe due to a cold front hitting the tropical storm. Many expect to loose power for at least a week. The weather reports are saying to plan for a week and maybe more without power.

The wind is gusting, but not too bad yet. The roads are mostly clear so far, with just smaller branches falling down.

You can see some of the videos from earlier today and also the preparations we made ahead of the storm on The Do It Yourself World Youtube channel

It is getting dark now. It looks more like about 7pm, than 5.

More later…