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Archive for August, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Normal daily use of my solar panel setup

Well, my solar panels and battery bank are really proving their worth in my place. We loose power here about once a month, at least. It gets really frustrating to wake up in the dark with no way to shower or shave for work.

But, my place always has light and energy. It just takes a minute to stagger over in the dark to turn on the solar power and I can continue on with the morning as usual. Even shaving is no problem. I cant use a blade, so electric shavers are a necessity.

I also use the solar lighting in the evenings. It is a nice, subdued light for watching tv or working on the computer. For a reading lamp, you need to be closer to the LED light, but it works very well.

All in all, I am quite happy with the backup power this provides. Especially in a power outage.

PostHeaderIcon Ran without Hydrogen Booster to compare results

I have been running my car for the past few weeks without the H2O booster just to see what type of results I may see. I left all the modifications in place, but simply turned off the Hydroxy Booster.

The first day it seemed like there was no change at all. The second day the car seemed to become sluggish. It was not actually decreasing in performance, but simply reverting to how it was running before I had been using the booster. It really felt rough. That, in itself, shows me the difference that the H2O booster makes in my car.

The gas mileage actually dropped down about 5-10 % as well. This is probably due to my advanced timing and the O2 sensor extender that I left in place.

Anyway, I will start using the Hydrogen Booster again and continue on with experiments.