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PostHeaderIcon Unigear MOLLE Medical First Aid Pouch On My Bug Out Bag

Unigear sent me their MOLLE medical first aid pouch to try out. This is a nice sized pouch with elastic straps which holds things in place. I put it on my Bug Out Bag and use it for my mobile kitchen.

The Unigear MOLLE EMT first aid pouch is shipped with a pair of surgical shears. I immediately put these into my first aid pouch on the back of my BOB.

Unigear MOLLE Medical Pouch
Unigear MOLLE First Aid Pouch

I put my mobile kitchen into the Unigear pouch. With dimensions of 8 x 6 x 3 inches it is large enough to hold my entire mobile kitchen on the back of my bu out bag. The Unigear MOLLE pouch has elastic straps which hold things in place. I put two granola bars each in two of the straps. In a third I put my folding camp silverware. These items fit on the one side like the pouch was made for them.

On the other side I put a fast dry camp towel and a tea strainer. In the center I keep my folding cup and bowl. Plus I carry my Emberlit titanium folding camp stove in there now as well.

MOLLE pouch mobile kitchen kit
Unigear MOLLE First Aid Pouch Used For Mobile Kitchen

You can see in the image above that this pouch is large enough to hold my entire mobile kitchen with no problem. Compared to my hand in the image you can get an idea just how large this pouch from Unigear really is.

The PALS straps and snaps hold the pouch firmly in place. With cheaper pouches I have had trouble with the straps falling off while hiking. This could be disastrous if you lose your gear in a survival situation. With the Unigear pouch I have no fear because the snaps are tough and hold the pouch in place well. I have taken my backpack out on many trips since receiving the Unigear MOLLE pouch and it has served me well.

The outside of the Unigear medical first aid pouch is covered in MOLLE straps to allow you to attach more gear to it with no problem. This further increases your storage capabilities.

This pouch is made of 900D military grade nylon in black and tan colors and 1000D nylon in red and green colors. With silent pull zippers you will not give away your location when using this in the field. The pouch opens fully and folds flat open which is convenient for accessing your gear with ease.

Get your Unigear MOLLE first aid pouch here: Unigear Tactical First Aid Pouch

You can watch my full video unboxing and review on YouTube here: Hardcore Field Use Of Unigear First Aid Pouch On Bugout Bag

PostHeaderIcon Field Testing The ThruNite TN40 Search Light With 4450 Lumens

ThruNite was kind enough to send me another one of their fine products to try out in the field. I have been field testing their products for a while now and I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality and brightness of every single one of them. The TN40 is in a league of its own though. With 4,450 lumens of light intensity this light outperforms just about every other LED spotlight and search light on the market.

The TN40 is rated at 4,450 lumens with a range of 1151 meters which is about 1,279 yards. But the light is actually visible for way farther when used as an emergency beacon which I show in my video (see link below).

ThruNite TN40 Spot Light

ThruNite came up with their own high capacity battery pack for the TN40 search light rated at 7.2 Volts and 6800 mAh. It is a fast charging pack and is fully charged in only 2.8 hours. While charging there is a little LED indicator on the back of the light which shows its status of charge. When you press the button the LED lights up for a few seconds.

Flashing red means under 20% charge.
Flashing purple means 25-50% charge.
Flashing blue means 50-95% charge.
Solid blue means 96-100% charge.

When using the light you also get a status of charge indicator.

Red means 1-10% capacity.
Flashing red means 10-25% capacity.
Purple means 25-50% capacity.
Blue means 50-100% battery capacity.

The ThruNite Tn40 comes with a plug in the wall power supply to charge the flashlight with. Again, it only takes 2.8 hours for a full charge. With a light of this power that is fast.

There are four CREE XP-L HI LEDs with a life span of 20 years in the TN40 spot light. This gives you some very awesome power.

There are six modes on this flashlight. Strobe, firefly, low, medium, high and turbo modes. Here are the specs of each mode.

Firefly mode = 1.2 lumens and lasts 57 days.
Low mode = 90 lumens and lasts 2.5 days.
Medium mode = 580 lumens and lasts 9.5 hours.
High mode = 1780 lumens and lasts 2.7 hours.
Turbo mode = 4450 lumens and lasts 85 minutes.
Strobe mode = 1100 lumens and lasts 9 hours.

The firefly mode is great for a nightlight. Imagine an LED nightlight that lasts about two months. When camping with my wife Melanie, I use the ThruNite firefly mode on my light to give her a sense of security in the woods. The firefly mode actually lights up the area well enough to see by in the woods.

The ThruNite TN40 spot light comes with spare seals which is typical with all the ThruNite products I have seen. There is a neck strap if needed but I found that this was not necessary for me. There is a powerful charger which charges up the battery pack in 2.8 hours. Plus the instruction and spec sheet and warranty card.

ThruNite TN40 With Accessories

I love the ThruNite series of flashlights for their memory function. I cant stand flipping through a bunch of modes when I have predators out here in the night after my chickens. I want to grab a light and run out there to protect my flock. With the ThruNite lights the flashlight turns on in the last mode used. This is perfect. I always set the light to medium mode when I am finished with it so that when I grab it in a hurry, I dont have to fumble through a bunch of modes and switches. This has saved me valuable minutes time and again.

During real field testing of the ThruNite TN40 search light out here in the off grid meadow, I can see everything as bright as day. The TN40 lights up the forest brightly. You can see deep into the woods on turbo mode. This is great for finding what is out there. With bear, coyotes, foxes, fisher cat and more, you cant be playing around with dim lights in the woods.

I took this light to Michigan where we have flat land for miles for a distance test. I was surprised to be able to light up things a half mile away. I could clearly see anything the beam hit.

But what is really surprising is that at one mile away I could see the stop signs down the road.

Up north at the cabin we took this out at night and put it in the lake. I expected to be able to see half way across the lake with this amazing light. But I was surprised to find tiny animals life flooding the waters. The lake is literally packed with tiny little creatures which you can not normally see. This light gave me a view of the lake like never before. You could see the creatures swimming around all over the place. This dispersed the light under water. But I could still clearly see fish at 20 feet away in the lake at night. The TN40 is waterproof to 2 meters which is about 6 feet. Under water you can run this light until the battery runs out because the water cools the light. But generally the thermal shut off circuitry will protect the LEDs and shut off the light after about ten minutes of normal use.

ThruNite TN40 under water showing fish
ThruNite TN40 under water showing fish

Back in New York I dropped off Chris and my wife Melanie on the corner of a road and I drove about two miles away. New York is very hilly and the roads are not straight at all or I would have tried an even greater distance. Chris and I both had a handheld CB radio for communication.

At two miles away I could see the ThruNite TN40 spotlight lighting up the night sky. I was totally amazed. This light could be used as a beacon to bring down planes who are searching for you. This really could save your life one day.

When I was driving down the road directly at them, I had to ask them to shut the light off because it was blinding me.

I have been testing this light for a few weeks now and I have also been shopping around for other spotlights and LED search lights. Most of the LED lights on the market are rated between 300 – 600 lumens. This is nothing. My ThruNite headlamps are more powerful than that. At 4,450 lumens the ThruNite TN40 spot light blows away the competition. This light is in a league of its own.

You can find the ThruNite TN40 here:
Official Website: (5% OFF Coupon Code:THRUNITE , limited time!)
Amazon US: ThruNite on Amazon

Watch my full video review and field testing on YouTube: ThruNite TN40 Spotlight 4450 Lumens Insanely Bright

PostHeaderIcon ThruNite TH20 Headlamp Give Away – Get One Free

ThruNite has asked me to host a give away of their new TH20 head lamp which is rated up to 520 Lumens and takes either a AA battery or a 14500. This is a light weight and rugged headlamp. ThruNite has been reading the comments on my videos and they saw that many people asked for a give away. So they asked me to give you one of their new head lights.

ThruNite TH20 Headlamp

The ThruNite TH20 headlamp is super light and small. This makes it very nice to wear unlike some headlamps that are very bulky and heavy. This headlamp is also quite convenient in that it takes a variety of batteries. This is perfect for emergency or survival.

There are a lot of nice features of the ThruNite lights, one of which is the firefly mode. This is a very low power .3 Lumen setting which is great for survival or stealth mode. This setting allows you to find your way around camp in the dark without messing up your night vision or giving away your location.

Another feature I love about ThruNite is the memory mode. Their lights turn on at the last setting you used (except firefly, turbo or SOS). This saves me time and trouble when I have to run out in the night because something is attacking the animals. No fumbling through a mess of settings while danger is near. I press the power button and the last setting I used is on.

The ThruNite TH20 head lamp has another really cool feature. By pressing and holding the power button with the light on, you can cycle through the brightness from max output to minimum output. This allows you to set your headlamp for whatever brightness that you need for a given situation.

With a long press of the power button while the light is off, you get the firefly mode mentioned above.

With a single press of the power button you are in the normal mode. Again from this mode you can brighten or dim the light as needed.

With a double press of the power button with the light on, you go into turbo mode with 520 Lumens of light. Another double press puts you in SOS mode. I love the fact that you do not have to cycle through all the modes with this light. Any other headlight blinds me before I even get to the setting I want.

With a AA battery you get 14 days run time in firefly mode at 0.3 Lumens. This is also perfect for a night light out in the forest. On the low setting you have 1.6 Lumens and 21 hours of run time. On the high setting you get 230 Lumens and about 95 minutes. Turbo mode with a AA battery gives you 250 Lumens and lasts about 93 minutes. This is quite impressive for such a bright head lamp.

With the 14500 battery you get a max output of 520 Lumens.

The ThruNite TH20 head lamp is impact resistant to 2 meters (6 feet) and water resistant to 1.5 meters (4.5 feet).

ThruNite TH20 Head Lamp

Of course the ThruNite TH20 comes with spare O rings and a spare head mount which sets ThruNite above the others in quality.

For a chance to get a free ThruNite TH20 headlamp, go to the video below and in the comments type “I Want A ThruNite TH20 Headlamp”. A winner will be selected based on a random computer generated number.

Watch the video here: ThruNite TH20 Headlamp Give Away – Get One Free

PostHeaderIcon ThruNite TH10 Headlamp ~ The Best Headlamp I Have Used

ThruNite has sent me their TH10 headlamp to test out during the last few weeks and I can tell you that this is my current favorite headlamp. It is Rugged, reliable and very bright with a turbo mode of 750 Lumens and a very long battery life.

One of the first things that impressed me out of the box is the quality of construction. So far all the ThruNite products I have seen are of high quality. They give you spare O rings with each light. This TH10 headlamp even has a spare power button seal and headlamp mount.

ThruNite TH10 Headlamp Accessories

ThruNite TH10 Headlamp

The charger excited me the most at first due to its ruggedness and versatility. The charger is a power pack and a universal charger. It is designed for use in rugged environments which means that I can take it hiking with me. It comes with a belt clip so that you can attach it to your belt on the go. The charger takes just about any battery you can throw at it. It is auto sensing and automatically charges your battery.

Another thing I love about this battery charger is that it takes both 12 and 5 volts DC input. I charge my batteries out in the field using my folding solar panel so I never run out of power.

The battery charger is also a power pack. When you insert a battery into this device it turns into a power source to recharge your small electronics such as cell phones or cameras. A little blue LED turns on in the output to let you know that it is now in power mode. This is awesome!!!

ThruNite Battery Charger

Yet another cool feature of this light, which you hardly ever see, is that it takes a variety of battery packs. The TH10 headlamp takes 1×18650 battery, 2xCR123 batteries or 2xRCR123A batteries!! This is so versatile!

I charged up the battery that came with the TH10 headlamp and gave it a try.

I have used this headlamp in the woods hiking and camping as well as nightly use in the woods back at the homestead. We often have predators after our chickens and this headlamp stays on a hook by the door ready to grab and go in a hurry.

My favorite feature of this headlamp is the memory function. The TH10 headlamp has a memory which makes it turn on in the last mode that you used. This is very good for fighting predators in the night. I hate searching through various modes in a headlamp in a hurry while something is attacking my animals. I love the fact that I simply press the power button and this light is at the setting I prefer. No flashing modes and blinding yourself while furiously trying to get the right settings.

The TH10 headlamp has many functions. It has the typical ThruNite firefly mode with .2 Lumens which lasts about 65 days straight. Then there is the low mode with 11 Lumens and lasts 107 hours. Next is the medium mode which I use the most with 172 Lumens and lasts 9 hours. Then there is the high mode which I use a lot as well with 490 Lumens and it lasts 178 minutes. There is also a blinding bright turbo mode with a whopping 750 Lumens and it still lasts 118 minutes. And finally the SOS mode with 750 Lumens flashing and lasts 270 minutes.

To cycle through the modes you simply turn the light on with a press to the power button and it turns on in the last mode that you used. Another long press of the button cycles through the three main modes of low, medium and high. If you double press the button it puts you into turbo mode for 750 Lumens of light. Another double press gives you SOS mode. Turning off the light and then back on again puts you into your last normal used mode. When the light is off, a long press gives you the firefly mode which is useful for tactical settings or to save your night vision. This is surprisingly useful in camp at night so you do not blind your friends.

I once used the ThruNite TH10 headlamp all night long while camping in the woods with my wife set on the low mode. There were animals all over the place that night and we left the lite on low all night as a comfort light. And it still lasted for days on a charge back at the homestead for daily use.

I generally run around with the ThruNite TH10 set on the medium mode for most nights as I look for predators around the chickens. But if I spot something further away, I can quickly switch to the high or turbo mode as needed in order to really pierce through the night. With 750 Lumens of power this thing really lights up the night.

When running out the door in a hurry in the night you take some bumps and spills and the ThruNite Th10 headlamp has taken a lot of bumps. It has taken many falls and impacts and still works well. I have used it in all types of weather with no ill effects on the light at all. It is rated waterproof at 1.5 meters for 30 minutes so I can trust this light in a thunderstorm if needed and I have often used it in the rain.

I am not one for a lot of specs and details but I can tell you that it feels comfortable on the head and is not too heavy. The light has a beam range of 148 meters which is about 150 yards range.

You can get your ThruNite TH10 headlamp here:

Official Website: (5% OFF Coupon Code:THRUNITE , limited time!) ThruNite
Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK

Watch my full video review of the ThruNite TH10 headlamp here: ThruNite TH10 Headlamp ~ The Best Headlamp I Have Used

While you are over there please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow our daily videos as we strive to become self sufficient and off the grid on a budget.

PostHeaderIcon Affordable Ultra Light & Compact Survival Wood Cook Stove

TomTop has given me this awesome folding camp stove. This stove uses wood or alcohol to cook out in the woods. The stove is made of stainless steel and folds down flat for transportation making it perfect for hiking, camping, fishing and survival.

This is a very affordable stove considering its quality and usefulness in the field. It stays in my bug out bag with my food and cooking gear now. I have used it extensively on survival and hiking trips as the main stove for cooking meals and sterilizing water for drinking.

The stove is very easy to get going and burns just about anything that you can throw at it. You can cook with pine cones, sticks, grasses, paper and any other flammable type of fuel source. It also comes with an alcohol tray so you can pour in some alcohol and cook your meals. This is perfect for no burn zones or where open flames are forbidden but camp stoves are still allowed.

The wood camp stove measures about 5 inches square when set up and about 6.4 inches high. It weighs a mere 12 ounces making it one of the lightest cooking stoves you can get because you do not have to carry fuel with you. This is one of the reasons I love this folding survival wood stove. This folding wood cook stove is made of stainless steel to give it a long life and durability.

You can set up this folding wood cooking stove in seconds. Just open it up, insert the bottom tray and slide the two side tabs together. Finished.

Getting a fire started in this wood cook stove is just about as fast. You build a fire as you would with any normal fire. Tinder on the bottom, followed by tiny twigs or other flammable fuel. Then followed by larger sticks or other fuel source. This is very easy to light with a cigarette lighter, matches or even a magnesium and ferro fire starter. We have tried all of these methods with this ultra light folding camp stove.

Ultralight Folding Wood Cook Stove

The folding survival wood cooking stove comes with a convenient carrying case as well which makes it nice because your gear does not get dirty when you pack it away.

This is also one of the fastest stoves I have ever used since it uses real wood as fuel. Once you get the fire burning you toss on a pot and start cooking immediately. I have brought 2 quarts of water to a boil in mere minutes from the time I pulled out the camp stove from my survival bug out bag.

There is a larger opening in the front of the stove for feeding in fuel as you cook. This makes it good if you have to cook larger meals or a whole lot of water and need to keep the fire going for a while. I have used longer sticks for this and just keep feeding them into the stove as they burn down.

You can get your folding survival wood stove here: TomTop Ultralight Folding Camp Wood Cook Stove

Watch my full video review here: Very AFFORDABLE Stainless Steel Folding Camp Wood Stove

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