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PostHeaderIcon Get A Free Book – How To Make An LED Light Bulb

The Do It Yourself World is offering a free book on How To Make An LED Light Bulb.


This book shows you how to make an LED light bulb for standard 120 Volt homes on a budget. You can make an LED light bulb for under $3 yourself.


To get a copy of the DIY LED light bulb book, simply go to our forum, sign up and post a message.


The first 100 new members gets a free book in full color PDF format.


We have opened up a brand new discussion forum on The DIY World and need to get it off the ground.


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Details about the DIY LED bulb book:

This book is full of color photographs and diagrams showing you every step of the way in making your own LED lights. We show you how to calculate how many LEDs to use in order to make a light bulb that does not need a voltage regulator or resistors. This book has much more information than can be simply found online in any one place.


Please join the forum, post a message in a related category and then email us at with the subject “send my free book” and we will reply with a download link to your new book.


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