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PostHeaderIcon Camper Demolition Begins For My Tiny Home Frame

Well, the big day is finally here, and I am beginning demolition on my camper so that I can use it as the frame for my tiny house on wheels. I have been looking forward to this project for a while now, so it feels so good to have started. Before I know it, I will be the proud owner of a tiny house, and even better, it will be on wheels so that I can move it around if I want to! How many people can say that about their homes?

I started by removing all the windows, doors and fixtures. I will sort the metals, and I am pulling out the windows whole. Although it would be easier to just knock them out of the frame, I am taking the windows out whole so that I can put them up on Craigslist. Hopefully I will get a little bit of cash for them, which I will use for whatever parts I need for the tiny home on wheels.

Taking the windows out was a challenge that was no match for my tenacity. Sure, they were held in place by a million screws, and enough sealant to make the trailer seaworthy, but I stuck to it and got them out. It took a while but I kept at it, one window and a time, and the next thing I knew, they were all out! It was only the first step, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step.

Getting the door off was the next step in my journey. But it came out fairly easily, probably because some of the old wood holding the door in place was all rotted. I had installed some new framing to hold the door in., but the entire original frame was in sorry shape. It would literally crumble in my hands and turn to dust!

Camper Demolition Begins For Tiny House

Further along in the demolition, I got to the side of the trailer that I was holding together with aluminum tape! I used to live in this trailer, and I had to smile at the thought of calling a place, held together with tape, home. It has been quite a journey, and I plan on making the tiny house on wheels much more sturdy. Actually, I have to confess that the poor shape of the trailer made the demolition so much easier because I could literally pull the place apart.

The heat of the day made the work a bit tiring. It is amazing just how energy zapping heat is. But, I have a simple but effective solution for that. Every now and again, I would step inside to cool off. It might not be an elegant solution, but it is one that works. Inside, I have the windows covered with insulating blankets over them. This allows me to run my air conditioner and be certain that I have done my very best to prevent the cool air from escaping. When the sun is shining on my solar panels I am easily able to run my air conditioner. However, once the sun clears the meadow, or if it is an overcast day, I don’t get enough energy to power the air conditioner. That is okay, though, because I have a generator that fills in when the sun takes a break on me.

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